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Writing Contest on Soccerlens | Win Amazing Stuff | Really Amazing Stuff

Yes, you read it right. Ahmed of Soccerlens has asked me to let you people know that he is having a writing contest.

Now it’s not just any writing contest that will fetch you the customary t-shirt or some mere cash that will wither away with time. Well you do get the t-shirt and cash, but this could also get you something that’s more worthwhile — it could get you a job!

Yes, you are still reading it right. Ahmed, who these days seems to be getting ever so rich (do we call him Ahmedovich already?), is ready to pay you for your articles – that is if you win the contest – the details of which, can be read from his site.

Point is, you need to be able to string a few sentences together that could make people smile/angry/retaliate with flaming comments and any thing of that sort. For an example, you could refer to the Guardian blogs, Soccerlens or, of course, the excellent posts you get to read here at Red Rants. Just keep this in mind, whatever you write has to be related to football (soccer).

So go ahead, read up the rules posted at SL and get writing. Remember, your mum/girlfriend would then never be able to tell you to stop wasting time watching/writing about sports — not when you get paid for that!

Soccerlens Writing Contest