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Worry over Rooney and Vida | Evra’s Abuse | Curbs Plans Weak Squad

Small Monday roundup for you all.

The official site has still been cagey about the Rooney and Vidic situation. The Sun claims that Rooney is only 30% fit. But then, only the Sun is capable of zeroing in on such a percentage.

It’s been a strange 7 days for Vidic, though. First he gets laid off by a stomach bug, and then gets kneed by that Ivorian thug — all freakish ‘injuries’. He got hit badly on his face, but I suspect he will return on Tuesday. What’s with our defenders and Champions’ League semi-finals, anyway?

An unfortunate development came about after the game, as you might all know by now. A minor fight broke out between Chelsea stewards and United players. The press, of course, were quick to brand our players as thugs. As it turns out, Evra was allegedly racially abused. It’s a distraction we could all now do without. Chelsea and United will look into the CCTV footage and decide appropriately.

Some good news, as Alan Curbishley looks to play a patched up squad at OT. Don’t bet on it though. The next two Premier League games will hinge on our performance against Barcelona. A win will send spirits sky high; the fatigue that’s threatening to rip our season apart could be forgotten in a flash, and we could be back to the swagger of old. Lose the game, and we could end up making things a bit more difficult than it actually is.

And in the midst of our dreadful form, there is a silver lining — Cristiano Ronaldo wins the PFA Player of the year award for the second year running. Of course, it counts for little if we don’t win the Premiership, at least. Although, his value to our season cannot be overstated.

That’s all for the day. Join us tomorrow as we preview the game and don’t forget to join in the discussion in the comments.