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Woodward warns rivals

Swansea-City-v-Manchester-United-Premier-League-2180352Just when one thought Ed Woodward was a mythological figure borne out of the fantasy of some over zealous fans and sold to the media as United’s chief executive, it turns out that Woodward does indeed exist.

However, the United chief executive has been unable to complete any transfers because his time has been spent writing letters to other Premier League clubs, it seems. Having written to Everton to apologise for the way United handled the appointment of David Moyes, Woodward has sent another letter, this time to Chelsea.

Woodward hopes that the letter, described as “terse” by the Daily Mirror,  will prevent Chelsea from making any further bids for Wayne Rooney, despite Jose Mourinho’s claims that the Blues will submit another offer for the England international after Monday night’s clash at Old Trafford.

After Chelsea had won against Aston Villa on Wednesday, Jose Mourinho claimed that a new offer for Rooney was being prepared.

“We did bid before and we will do later, but I think this period [ahead of Monday’s match] – from the ethical point of view – is a period when we are going to be quiet and just thinking about that game,” said the Portuguese manager.

The United chief executive has also warned – even though, admittedly, he doesn’t really strike anybody as a menacing figure – Chelsea over their comments on Rooney and has reiterated that United have no intention of selling the 27-year-old which is just about the only thing the club has been resolute over the last couple of months.

Considering how long it took Woodward to fly back from Australia when he was due to conclude some “important business”, the letter should arrive in London by Boxing Day.