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Why is Mourinho talking about United again?

David-Moyes-Jose-Mourinho-Old-Trafford_2993833With a trip to Stamford Bridge just a few days away for Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has again indulged in one of his favourite hobbies – talking about the club many suspected he wanted to manage.

A man who loves mind games almost as much as he loves himself, Mourinho insisted that he didn’t think United were a happy bunch these days – you don’t say, Jose! – but that he believes under-fire David Moyes will retain his place in the Old Trafford dugout for the foreseeable future.

“My feeling, which is based on years of communicating with Sir Alex and some inside information, is Man United are not happy, but they are calm.

“They trust David. David trusts them. I don’t think David is under pressure,” said the Chelsea manager.

“The pressure is something virtual. It is something that comes from the media as a consequence of not having the best results.

“The most important thing in all of this is not the pressure that comes from the outside, it’s the reality of the inside,” the Portuguese told the Daily Mail.

Considering the disdain Mourinho has often expressed for players and managers who try to unsettle their opponents by mean of a few chosen words, his decision to air his feelings about United and Moyes only a few days before the two sides are due to meet on Sunday is rather bizarre – in other words, meticulously planned.

“The manager is calm and they are thinking this is our manager for the next two, three, four, five years.

“So they’re all together and are going to rebuild again a big team. The bad results will finish,” continued Mourinho.

“They will get back on track, although it is probably too late to win the league because they’re too many points behind the leader.”

Mourinho also claimed that winning the Premier League this season would be “his greatest greatest achievement”, some statement for a man who’s won the Champions League twice.

“City, in terms of power of the squad, are in another dimension. You can’t compare their situation with any other club,” said the Chelsea manager, showing either a remarkable short memory or a penchant for subtle irony.

In all honesty, Jose, we didn’t have you down as one of those who criticise foreign owners  for pouring billions into their clubs.