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Why Heinze Won’t Go to Liverpool

The answer is very simple really. carries a report where Heinze says that he would deliberate about a move to another club. But the club needs to really, really convince him that the move would be right for him.

So why would he not move to Liverpool?

First of all, he wants to move to a really big super club the status of Man United, if he does move. Secondly, he is actually very happy at United, terming it as ‘perfect’ here at OT. He’s already been made captain here and won the title. Something, that’s difficult to imagine at Anfield.

“I already play for one super-club and other ones, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, have been mentioned,”

Ouch! No mention of Liverpool. That’s got to hurt. So Rafa, stay away. Forget it. A transfer from OT to Liverpool is never going to happen. Unless you want Kieran Richardson.