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Why Carlos Queiroz is More Important than Ronaldo

Carlos Queiroz has been linked with the Portugal job since Scolari quit, and for good reason too; he’s done a great job at United and won over a lot of fans with time. The man himself has been coy over his future refusing to speak anything, citing the now popular excuse with the Man United staff for just about anything: vacation.

To questions posed he had the following reply:

“It gives me great pleasure that my name is linked. Have I been asked? I will make no comment. I will not talk about this now as I am on holiday.”

Now whilst the Portugal job would be something that would tempt any Portuguese, I think losing Carlos would be much bigger than any loss at United in recent times — to me it certainly is bigger than losing Ronaldo.

Initially when he started out I wasn’t quite convinced about him. I still think he may be suspect as a man manager or motivator, but over the past three years, he has really grown in stature in the United dressing room and has been the one figure that has helped unite a lot of the foreign contingent; most notably, Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani and, to a certain extent, Tevez (due to his knowledge of Spanish).

If Ronaldo were to leave and so were Queiroz, one would wonder what would happen to the likes of Nani and Anderson who have always admitted looking up to the duo for guidance. Queiroz has also been the person most involved in the technical aspect of the team: the daily training routine, the tactics etc. Him leaving would leave a gaping void, whilst not being as big as the day Fergie leaves but a void, nonetheless.

Fergie is not as hands on and usually maintains a good distance from the players, but Queiroz is the father figure, the counsellor and the one players look to on a daily basis. So if he leaves, it would be a bad thing for United at the moment.

It’s also a tough thing for the club, because no one can assure him a spot as the next manager of United. And as long as the club doesn’t give him any assurances, it’s going to be a tough task trying to convince Queiroz to pass up on a golden opportunity to coach his country.

Meanwhile, in related news, Queiroz urges Ronaldo to stay, saying United is best suited to Ronaldo.

“Manchester United is very special,” Queiroz told the Portuguese radio station Renascenca. “Because of that we know how to surround Cristiano completely with all the affection and all the attention he deserves. However, not speaking is the most sensible course of action at this moment, so that we don’t contribute to a less than positive spectacle and so we don’t aid those whose interests are difficult to identify.”

However, all said and done, it’s the Portuguese gaffer that’s most important to United’s fortunes at the moment.

What do you think? Would he stay? How crucial a role do you think Carlos Queiroz plays for United — is he that important?