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Why Becks and van “the man” were sold so cheaply to Real

Found this on football365. Too funny 🙂

So many of us ManUtd fans have wondered why Becks and Ruud were sold on the cheap to the only team (other than us) that can be mugged in transfers.

Well, folks the answer is here.

Look at the uncanny connection between the winners of LaLiga and the Premiership in recent years:

2001 Real Madrid-United
2002 Valencia-Arsenal
2003 Real Madrid-United
2004 Valencia-Arsenal
2005 Barca-Chelski
2006 Barca-Chelski
2007 Real Madrid-United

So, Sir Alex realized that since we somehow got paired with Real and not Barca, the only way we could win the Prem was by helping them win La Liga by giving them Ruud on the cheap (and cannily enough, add pichichi and La Liga bonuses while selling). The greatest masterplan of Sir, ever! 😀

By the way, the scum from Merseyside would be paired with Real’s rivals Atletico, that’s why their year never comes.