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What’s the Mata with some United fans?

Soccer - FA Cup - Quarter Final - Manchester United v Chelsea - Old TraffordIt’s an unusual place to be in when you’re sat laughing at some of the articles and comments posted by United fans who claim to be ‘sick’ and ‘angry’ about United’s summer business and about the standard of it’s current squad.

Since July 1st when David Moyes officially took control of the club, the positivity, support and backing he’s receiving from United fans has quickly ebbed away in some quarters. It’s embarrassing to hear many Reds talk so negatively about our chances of title success this season and more depressing to hear many judging Moyes on his performance in the transfer market over his performance with the current squad. This isn’t Fantasy Football or Football Manager you know, this is real life for David Moyes.

With the Silly Season still open for a further nine days there’s plenty of time for Moyes to strengthen his squad WHERE HE thinks it’s required with the players HE thinks are suitable. Then, AND ONLY THEN, should the boss be judged for his summer business but even then it’s way too early to be judging him or criticising him for doing things his own way. IF he purchases no-one – so be it – Moyes obviously thinks he can do it with what he has and if he believes in his own ability and that of his coaching staff then credit to him. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that conducive to successful longevity?

With 42 first team squad players announced, do these people not understand the task in hand for Moyes simply figuring out what he has at his disposal? The man’s been in his new job for under nine-weeks and you expect him to know the strength and qualities of such a huge assembly of players and what each offers him?

United U21s CelebrateFor me, if Moyes had rushed out and purchased players before familiarising himself with the entire playing staff I’d be worried for the future of United’s philosophy of believing in, promoting and trusting in its youth. The same people who criticise ‘a lack of talent coming through our inept Academy system’ are the same people screaming for United to splash-the-cash on ‘marquee signings’ thus restricting opportunities for our young upcoming stars to shine. Instead, Moyes is diligently assessing what he has at his disposal before dipping his bread in the gravy. He won’t be rushed into making any decisions and he certainly won’t be brow-beaten into buying any player he isn’t convinced about – and again – credit to him.

His apparent incompetent hesitancy in the transfer market (as some see it) is a view taken by the attention seeking pessimists – but if he adds one or two players between now and next week – you just watch those pessimists disappear before finding their way back with a lame excuse about how they were just worried about the club being left behind or some other similarly weak excuse. If he doesn’t manage to purchase reinforcements then only results will keep the pessimists at bay. Do these pessimists not think Moyes knows this? Like I said, this isn’t Fantasy Football for David Moyes – this is his career and reputation at stake not to mention United’s future.

For the optimists amongst us, the belief that Moyes is merely biding his time, assessing what he has and doing all he can to give himself and the club the best chance possible of competing for honours next season, the rumours circulating that a certain Juan Mata may well be on his way to Old Trafford as part of the deal for Wayne Rooney’s exit to Stamford Bridge, is an exciting one. If it doesn’t happen these optimists may raise an eyebrow depending on their view, but they certainly won’t judge Moyes prematurely. That’s not naivety, it’s putting faith in something we have no control of. No amount of Glazer, United or Moyes bashing on the internet will affect the outcome inside Manchester United. Moyes looks to me like a man in full control and – again – credit to him.

Last year there were strong local rumours about the Robin van Persie deal being a done one TWO WEEKS before his arrival. This season similar noises are being heard regarding Mata although as yet not as strong. Would ‘Rooney out – Mata in’ be good business? If David Moyes thinks so then yes, of course it is, he’s the boss, it’s his head on the block, no one else’s.

Add to that the possibility of Fellaini’s arrival and, in my opinion, United would be a far stronger proposition than they are now. As with the local rumours circulating about Mata, Fellaini is also thought to be on his way once United and Everton reach a financial agreement.

Swansea City v Manchester United - Premier LeagueMata’s creativity and goals coupled with Danny Welbeck’s maturation and form could quickly negate the loss of Rooney and his goals. Add to that the dominant, powerful Fellaini in a midfield crying-out for some bite and drive the ingredients are there for Moyes to silence his all-too-hasty critics.

How many of the pessimists expected a 4-1 away win against an impressive and already firing Swansea City on the opening day of the season? Not many, and that’s embarrassing. Get behind your team, support them don’t constantly criticise them and use the smallest scrap of bait to turn on them, it achieves nothing other than highlight your inability to assess the quality of this squad or put faith in a man who led United to an unprecedented era of sustained success.

The club is in transition and I know it’s unchartered territory for some, but for others it’s just anther chapter in the clubs history. Do you really think the owners want a period without Champions League? Do you really think David Moyes is without the gumption to learn and transit along the way? Do you really think the current players won’t be trying to take the team to the next level?

Whatever happens, come Monday, there’ll be 76,000 United fans in Old Trafford (well, for tax purposes there will be!), there’ll be 18 players ready to fight for the cause and a management team all aspiring to one outcome; three points and a successful season.

Beyond that, there’s one week which may or may not define the rest of the season, but, until then, why don’t you moany bastards shut up and give the boss time and a bit of credit where it’s due? Judge him after 9 months not 9 weeks, you’re beginning to sound like Arsenal fans…..but at least those spoilt bastards waited 5yrs before turning on their own.

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