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What Tevez’s Signing Means For Man Utd

Ed: This post was written with the assumption that Tevez is, in fact, joining United. If he does, which will be clear in (God knows how long) time, this post will give you an insight on what to expect. If he doesn’t, then well, read it anyway as a ‘what might have been’ article.

With Carlos Tevez looking set to join Manchester United, the thoughts immediately started running through my head. How many goals can we score? How badly will we beat up on teams? Who will be leaving now? In the end though, I settled on a few thoughts on this amazing summer signing.

1. With this signing, Man Utd has added a proven player in England, something neither of Liverpool or Arsenal’s recent signings can say. Also, we will hopefully avoid the grace (or not so graceful) period that comes with new strikers adjusting to England because Tevez has already spent a season in England, playing with West Ham.

2. Leading the attack now no longer falls to just Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. With Carlos Tevez in the lineup, both Rooney and Ronaldo will be able to find more freedom to create and score with Tevez now occupying the attention of defenses too. While United scored plenty of goals last season, one would imagine that they could have scored many more if a player with the skills that Tevez possesses was on the pitch with them. Because there was not much of a second striker present on the field with the 2 stars, opposing defenses could concentrate on them, and effectively force others to pick up the slack. Now, this will be much harder to do.

3. With Tevez coming in, it now lessens the pressure on Nani, Anderson, and Rossi to produce immediately. This rings true for Rossi more than Anderson and Nani. Last month, I wrote an article stating that Rossi should become the secondary striker to Rooney. This is still possible. Rossi can now get first team action as both a sub and starter, because either way, he’ll be playing with Rooney or Tevez. This will also help in keeping all of the strikers fresh and hopefully healthy as the season progresses. Once you throw Anderson, Saha, Ole, and Smith(?) into the mix, and you have the makings of a great forward rotation. At the same time, it increases the pressure on opposing defenses when you can bring in fresh strikers off the bench at any time.

4. I’m not sure what to expect from Tevez goal wise. For the money being spent, I’d imagine if its anything less than 20 goals, this could be disappointing. But SAF has always been good at picking out talent, and we all know that Tevez has plenty of it. The next few days and weeks will be interesting, with what number Tevez will wear to what formation Man Utd will run, to who will be sold.

At days end though, Man Utd just got a lot better, which is bad news for every other team in the Premier League, and it also puts the rest of Europe on notice. Manchester United is coming to win this season, and really that is what it should be all about.