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What Did We Learn from Deadline Day Transfers

Paying over the odds to Tottenham (yet again) for the signature of Dimitar Berbatov: £30.74 million.

Citeh paying over the odds to Real Madrid to prise Robinho from under the noses of Chelsea: £32.5 million.

The look on the faces of Peter “I fucked it up again” Kenyon and (some) eager Chelsea fans: Priceless.

I have been in a naughty mood today, hence the baiting and teasing. A more serious article will follow (either today or tomorrow). But I’ll just say this: whilst we got our pants pulled down yet again over transfer fees, it at least dispels the thought that had seemingly enveloped a lot of fans over the summer — that we are broke. We are not, and I think spending 30 million quid on a 27 year old surely stands as reasonable evidence?

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[Oh, and I acknowledge the flurry of activity that smashed all commenting records for a single post yesterday. Cheers for spending a good part of your day on Red Rants. And apologies for some of the comments that somehow got sent into the moderation queue. I’ve managed to recover some and lost some others. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

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