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Welbeck seeking move abroad?

Welbeck scores at The BernabeuWith the news that Danny Welbeck expects to be told he has no future at Old Trafford, what lies ahead for one of United’s most successful Academy graduates?

It’s being reported the club will not sanction a move to any of their perceived rivals (ie the top six) which may rule out the reported interest from Arsenal and Spurs who have both alledgedly made enquiries.

Would a move to another English club below that top six tier be the best move for the 23yr old Manchester born forward or could he clip his wings and move abroad to further his career both at club level and at International level?

Confirmed interest from Sunderland (where Danny flourished whilst on loan a few years back) and Hull City would be moves that almost certainly guarantee Danny first team football plus wages close to what he’s earning now and also maintain his International status therefore his chances of making the England squad for the upcoming and ongoing Euro 16 qualifiers and Championships as opposed to playing a peripheral role at United which would jeopardise his position within Roy Hodgson’s plans.

There have been unconfirmed reports Real Madrid were interested in taking Welbeck to Spain but, with United’s apparent interest in Di Maria, it’s difficult to believe those reports with nothing linking the two players in some kind of swap deal. If Madrid wanted Welbeck it’s a given they’d attempt to do a deal.

Welbeck has also been at the centre of one of the summers most bizarre transfer rumours when The Guardian reported that Italians, AS Napoli, were considering making a move but were unhappy with the paper for referring to Naples as a ‘mafia stronghold’

Napoli were angry and released an open letter stating that “This is an archaic impression that is also rejected by English tourists who every year choose Italy – and Napoli – as their holiday destination. They would not do that if they thought that Naples is Italy’s mafia stronghold, a place where people fire at or rob each other in the street. We would not judge a city like Newcastle on the basis of MTV’s Geordie Shore; we do not think all of that city’s inhabitants are rude, gym-addicted and sociopathic. It is a shame to see the Guardian did not afford Napoli the same courtesy.”

There was no denial that the club are interested in Welbeck though.

RedRants Opinion:

Danny’s options appear limited but who knows who his representatives are sounding out. He either swallows his pride, accepts United’s wishes and moves down a tier with a view to proving United wrong and forcing his way back into the top tier of English football whether that be in London or, less likely, Manchester or Liverpool; or he looks to broaden his horizons with a move abroad.

The move abroad offers the greatest reward in my opinion and it’s an option far too few Englishman take. The opportunity to learn a new language, a new culture and a new style of football are challenges that would improve players who would in turn inspire others to move and also benefit our National teams.

As sad as it might be to lose an Academy graduate who’s contributed so much during his 120 first team appearances, a return of just 20 goals during that period probably explains the reason why he’s no longer wanted. As a forward, 20 goals falls way short of minimum expectations.

Where do you think Danny will end up? Do you even think he’ll leave?

Perhaps more intriguingly though, if United were to release Welbeck, who replaces him? I’d suggest James Wilson is more likely to be promoted rather than United dipping into the transfer market.

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