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“We are the Scoreboard, the Scoreboard Paddock”

Fans United is a supporters consortium consisting of Manchester United fans groups, fanzines and supporters. We have been in talks with Manchester United officials about introducing a singing section, to improve the atmosphere at Old Trafford.

Manchester United have offered us the current away section at Old Trafford for use as a singing section next season (Subject to confirmation of the away fans move) and we aim to bring back the atmosphere and colour of the old Scoreboard Paddock, making this section a fans area and raising the volume at Old Trafford. Manchester United are allowing us to promote and have this area as our section and have welcomed our ideas and vision for this section.

This area will be a fans area, it will be created by fans and we want fans to feel part of it. There will be space to hang your own flags and we will be looking to decorate the section and the concourse to reflect the United fans culture.We hope ths area will bring like minded singers together and that it can help increase the volume within Old Trafford and regenerate the atmosphere in other sections of the stadium.

The section will offer you the chance to relocate and be seated with friends/family and more importantly, like minded vocal supporters.The section not only offers one of the best areas for acoustics within Old Trafford, it offers one of the better views of the game. Manchester United’s official website now has a link for season ticket holders to officially register your interest.
Please follow the link and enter your season ticket number.

Once the official renewal process is in place, you will be contacted about your move and you will be given the opportunity to relocate seats so that you can sit together with friends or family.We envisage that the season ticket price for this area will be £722, giving a matchday price of £38 per game.The area will be season ticket holders only, ensuring that the same fans are in there for every game.Whilst the section will not provide any under 16’s Junior tickets, the 16-20 reduced price ticket range will apply.

Further news on the next stage of the process will be communicated via the Manchester United Ticket office.
This will be a fans lead area and we hope that you will be part of it.

Fans United