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… if you want to. EPL Talk have been gracious enough to nominate us in the best club blog category. To be honest, I feel a bit sheepish asking for votes when there are other stalwarts in the mix. As of now, RoM are well in the lead, and fair play to them, Scott’s a top blogger, probably got the most widely updated, read, well-written blog around — and plus, it’s a Manchester United blog to boot. So if you don’t vote for us, do vote for him.

So this is not a please vote for me post — I’m never the best canvasser for votes anyway, despite Fredorrarci laying claim to that. But, yes, vote if you must or feel like, and I won’t be bothering you with another post asking for votes for this.

Vote for us, here.

The preview for the Arsenal game will come up shortly.