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I know, after being inactive for what is certainly the longest period of, well, inactiveness, this might be pushing it a bit. But it sure looks like the main period that was sucking the life out of my offline world has passed, and I shall be able to bring back the regularity that characterized this blog in the past.

Anyway, where was I?… Yes! The Soccerlens 2008 Awards for recognizing excellence in blogging is back and I sure have the cheek to request everyone to nominate Red Rants for some of the categories — whichever is relevant. I suppose Best Blog Community comes closest, although you are free to nominate us for whatever category you feel like. If you scroll down to this page you’ll find a form where you can cast your nominations.

Cheers, and I’ll sure be back to catch up with United news, analysis, expert opinion, jokes etc. pretty soon.