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Veloso Rumours Won’t Go | Nani, Ronaldo Shine| Gerrard Continues To Be Media Darling

Nothing much for the day as international’s and the Euro 2008 qualifiers, in particular, grabbed the headlines. So do we have any news concerning United? No, not really. Well, there is one but even that is just a transfer rumour that refuses to die. Other than that we will go on a slight tangent. Rest assured, today’s post won’t be too long. So read this quick and go about your day jobs. If you don’t you could always sit around refreshing this site, hoping for updates — something which wouldn’t happen till tomorrow, but for the comment section, of course.

Anyway, on to the roundup…

Sporting’s Miguel Veloso has continued to be linked to Man Utd. It is really surprising that this rumour refuses to die down. The only reason he continues to be linked with us is the Portuguese connection, and his friendship with ex-clubmate Nani. Other than that, 20 million pounds sounds a little ridiculous for a 20 year old defensive midfielder; especially when we just shelled around 40 million in the transfer market, out of which 20 million was spent on a defensive midfielder. We also have Carrick, and Anderson who is expected to play in central midfield. So it remains to be seen how this purchase could even be possible. At least not for 20 million.

Veloso did make his debut against Azerbaijan and also featured in their 2-1 win over Kazakhstan — a match where, both, Ronaldo and Nani impressed in equal measure.[Video Highlights via 101greatgoals]

And finally a word about England’s defeat against Russia. The defeat itself is not my point of concern. What irks me, however, is the media reaction to the loss. It seems certain players are always beyond censure, while some others need to do just as much as misplace one pass to become a villain. What can really explain the non-reaction over Gerrard’s form, or lack of it? While I don’t like Lampard, and I understand the censure he gets from fans, I don’t think he has been too worse than Gerrard for England. They have been equally crap in general. While, on the other hand, players like Rooney need to have one bad game and articles will be written declaring him to be a failed player or suchlike. I said in the earlier post that I don’t want to talk too much about this issue, but such things cannot really be ignored for long.

Fact of the matter is, Gerrard did have a shocker of a game. He was decidedly average even against Estonia. In fact, he’s had an average season for Liverpool, for whom he’s usually been first rate. But somehow, every one from Alan Green to Alan Hansen see him to be beyond fault, while players like Rooney are slagged off at a minor slip. And that kind of hypocrisy is hard to take.

Well, that ends my rant. I’ll get on with my day, as I have a sprained neck to take care of. ‘dipper fans, if you happened to read this, ignore the article and don’t bother commenting. You are not going to convince anyone. Your energy would be better saved that way.

See you all later.