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United’s midfielder pursue in no man’s land

Cesc FabregasThe only thing newspapers seem to be willing to agree on these days, is the need to disagree. The transfer window is no exception and, depending which tabloid you believe, United’s pursue of Cesc Fabregas is either nearing completion or already dead and buried, despite Ed Woodward’s anticipated return from Australia.

With news emerging late yesterday afternoon that Barcelona manager Tito Villanova was to step down because of his recurring battle with cancer – by the way, best of luck to him – the Catalans’ future appears to be rather more chaotic than it did until yesterday, but could Villanova’s departure influence Barcelona’s strategy in the transfer window?

The Sun certainly seems to think so, claiming that United’s chances have increased “dramatically” following Villanova’s resignation, with the Reds now free to poach on the 26-year-old midfielder.

Aside from the rather distasteful mental process according to which one man’s health is another club’s gain, Fabregas was reportedly far from being a prominent in Villanova’s plans, therefore the former Barcelona manager’s departure should have changed very little in those terms but, crucially, it’s hard to imagine that the new manager would immediately decide to part way with Fabregas.

The Daily Mail indeed claims that Barcelona have no intention whatsoever to sell the midfielder, with vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu saying that: “Barca will not entertain any offers for Cesc. He is  non-transferable.”

David Moyes, however, remains hopeful that Ed Woodward’s job behind the scenes will yield some results: “The chief exec has been dealing with it just now and I am in contact with him.

“I’ll hopefully know a little more in the next day or so. I may have a bit more information in the next day or so about how it’s going,” said the United manager

“As far as players we’re looking to bring in, we’re trying very hard to make some additions to the squad.

“Hopefully there’ll be some good news in the not too distant future.”

Meanwhile, the Mirror has a completely different take on the subject, claiming that Cesc Fabregas has told some of his mates that he will only return to the Premier League to play for Arsenal, even though his first intention is to remain with Barcelona which, in theory at least, pretty much sounds like a door being firmly shut on United’s face.

With less than a month before the season kicks off, United’s rivals have been busy unveiling new signings, while the Reds’ arrival lounge as been as deserted as Arsenal’s trophy cabinet in the last eight years, but David Moyes is not a man to get desperate, says the tabloid.

“When I got the job, I was made aware of what could possibly be done to improve things.

“Signing a midfield player was one area where we thought we could possibly add to the squad,” David Moyes said yesterday.

“It’s hard to get top quality players who can come in and affect your team. That’s why we’re trying to go for what we see as the right players and the best players.

“If you’re a player and you’re brought up to play football, and you look out of the window and see Old Trafford, if you’ve got any ambitions about being a footballer, and you’re a top end one, then I think you’ll want to play for Manchester United.”

“Think” being they keyword there, David.


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