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United’s Malaysia Rematch

So the boys play another game today against the Malaysian XI to compensate for the loss of the Indonesian friendly. I wish I could look forward to it, but timezones don’t help.

The manager looks to ring in changes. Owen is expected to get his first start, as are Fabio and Gary Neville.

Pre-season is always interesting to me because I get to see some of the new arrivals or youngsters. Also it’s the first time one gets to watch the lads after a long summer break. The results of course won’t bother me much.

In other news, The Guardian reports that we are again in for Douglas Costa. Apparently his initial price has dropped down to £8m. I have a bad feeling about this player. I’ve heard a lot of negative reports, on how it may be a bit too early for us to get him. And the fact that he wasn’t able to make it to the Gremio first team regularly prior to his injury. It’s a bit too early for him, by most accounts, and hence even an £8m fee seems a bit steep. Also, since Chelsea and Real Madrid are in the fray, we won’t expect this price to go down.

The Guardian also has a nice interview with Owen. He’s been saying all the right things. It’s a question of him staying fit and doing the right things on the pitch. We shall see.

And the plaudits keep flowing for Owen. Rooney the latest one to heap praise on him. I think it’s too much of praise for me to stomach.

Finally SAF ends a day of too much praising — to the point of jinxing — by saying Rooney is destined for more. We always hear this at the beginning of every summer. There is something intrinsically Liverpool-esque, saying ‘this is going to be his season’. Yes, I said it. Sue me!