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United’s Italian Interest. Neville’s Retirement Plans. Fergie and Carrick Speak. eBay Scarves.

As the extremely well crafted title would tell you, there is quite a bit to talk about today. But before we go ahead, a little word on one bit of news that sneaked away unnoticed–or should we say, did not get the coverage it deserved.

The Premier League, besides chalking up a rather controversial plan (to put it mildly), also agreed to allow seven substitutes on the bench from next season onwards. Now that is certainly something to feel happy about as it gives the manager more options. I’ve never understood the concept of five players on the bench when La Liga and the Champions’ League allow seven. Hopefully this would make man management easier.

Right, now back to United related news.

It was extremely embarrassing seeing Man Utd fans put up the Munich memorabilia scarves for sale on eBay. When we have sections of fans opposing the AIG banner, it would make us seem like hypocrites if we were putting up these scarves on sale. The cost of these scarves also appear particularly galling; some of them being put up for as much as £15,000! Even the Manchester United Opus costs £3000.

Anyway, reports have come in that eBay have agreed to pull the plug on these scarves thus ending the chances of these mugs looking to make a quick buck off these commemorative items. There is justice in this world. Pity, though, it had to come to that.

SAF reckons that the games between the top three will decide the fate of the title race. The race has become three pronged, although Arsenal have inched ahead, and it will get really exciting, and nerve wracking, as the season progresses towards it’s conclusion. We have Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Blackburn (at Ewood Park) towards the end of the season, not to mention our bogey team, West Ham, as the penultimate game. Arsenal also have it tight, so the race is still too close to call.

Michael Carrick also thinks that the title race is still on. We all think so too, Mike. So let’s hope you get back to the training ground and avoid the press for a bit now. Go on, be a good boy and win us the title. Talking to the press, as often as you have done this season, won’t win you the title. I can assure you that. Leave the talking to the Gaffer.

Long time United target, Fabio Quagliarella, thinks that United are still interested in him and that he is flattered. Good for you Fab, but I don’t really think you would fit in. We have too many players of your type. I’d rather take a Huntelaar, and even that I am willing to pass, if Manucho manages a dream run in United colours.

And amid speculation that skipper Gary Neville might actually retire, the right back moved forward to quash any such speculation and said that he will return to first team action. According to him he was fit before another few knocks set him back by — well you might have guessed it already… yes, two weeks. I hope he does return. We need a semblance of leadership that has been missing. A lot!

And, yes, that’s about it for the day.

Phew, back to the daily grind.