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Player of the Month

United’s driving force behind the challenge that nearly was?

It’s been a long time since what happened, happened. It’s taking time to come to terms with the unspeakable truth, but slowly and gradually, day-by-day, it’s becoming easier and easier to pretend it never happened at all!

I can, hand on heart, promise you that I haven’t been able to read a newspaper since May, I haven’t because I won’t. Sky Sports News hasn’t dared show it’s graphical interface and the horrible news it carries with it into my house since Sunday May 13th.

In front of me I have a promo disc to review. It’s called ‘Manchester United: Season Review 2011/12’ and I honestly can’t do it, so much so that it’s a job I’ve conveniently passed-on under the banner of ‘I’m too busy, is there any chance you could…..?’! Sorry @JonyB007, and thanks too, looking forward to what will no doubt be a sarcastic and witty take on what was a horrible experience.

As if any proof were needed of how much I’ve turned the blinkers on (I’m sure there’s many more like me), it’s now June 16th and I’m posting the final ‘Player of the Month’ article. I know it’s late (very!) and I know May was only a short month that saw United play just two games, Swansea at home and Sunderland away, but nevertheless, RedRants needs to find its Player of the Year and this needs to be done to complete it, however painful.

The Swansea game saw United comfortably wrap up their set of home fixtures with a 2-0 triumph with Poland & Ukraine bound Ashley Young scoring his 6th league goal of the season while Paul Scholes added to his league tally by scoring his 4th of the season, his 110th league goal for the club. The game was also notable for the display of fast improving David De Gea who made impressive saves from Sinclair, Dyer and Graham before United saw the game out.

The Sunderland game was hard fought but ultimately the boys got their job done and stuck to their end-of-the-bargain with Wayne Rooney notching his 27th league goal of the season, a record that beats his previous ‘season best’ tally of 26 in 2010.

I know it’s hard but, if you can, cast your minds back to those games and take a second to vote for May’s Player of the Month.

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Ian (@Rimmerstweets)

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