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United’s Blazing Start Continues Against Bolton

Manchester United’s hot start to the season continued with a 5-0 win against Bolton.

Irresistible yet again. The question now is how long we can sustain this level of performance before this great run finally ends. As fun as it’s been, we know this can’t last forever. What we can do for now I suppose, is to enjoy every minute of it while the going’s good.

Couple more takeaways from today’s game:

Return of Chicharito

As tough as it was to watch Welbeck pull up with a hamstring injury after such a positive start to the season, it was comforting to know that we had Chicharito back to full fitness and capable of stepping into the starting 11 without a drop off in quality. His 2 goals were typical of what we’ve come to expect from the young Mexican. Thus far, it doesn’t look like he’s going to hit the 2nd season slump that plague so many young players in the league. With Welbeck expected back from his injury sooner than originally anticipated, we look to be deep in quality with our frontline.

Rooney, Rooney and more Rooney

Our form as a team has obviously been due to all the players out on the field. However, there can be no denying that Rooney has had a major part to play in our start being as great as it has been. Beyond the goals that seems to be coming on a weekly basis, his distribution and workrate have been top notch from the very beginning. Undoubtedly, our squad is deep and immensely talented. But if there is one player we know we cannot afford to lose to injury, it would be Rooney. Without him, we would still be very good, but definitely not great.

The backline

Phil Jones with his lungbusting run that eventually set up Rooney’s second goal deserves special mention. With every passing game, he is looking more and more like a bargain despite the rather high fee we paid for a player with only one full season of Premier League experience under his belt. For a player of his build and fearlessness, he has not looked the least bit uneasy with the ball at his feet.

De Gea looks to be more assured with each game he plays and had a couple of fine stops today. The highlight for him however could possibly be his quick distribution in the 57th minute that allowed Chicharito the chance to bear down on the Bolton goal within seconds after they were launching an assault on ours. Van Der Sar singlehandedly set up a couple of our goals last season with his quick thinking and distribution and that trend looks to possibly continue with De Gea.


This wasn’t a game where we were peppering Bolton’s goal. In fact, after we got to a position where the result was beyond doubt, we looked to just be doing our best to avoid injury heading into the 2 upcoming big games. According to the stats that were flashed during the game, we weren’t even dominating in terms of the shots being taken. Yet, we were incredibly efficient with the chances we did have. My point to this? That we are able to make the most of the chances we’re creating. And we are creating a ton of them this season.


The major downside to today’s victory was the injury sustained by Cleverley. Unlike the rapid recovery that young Welbeck is experiencing, the broken foot for Cleverley will probably keep him on the sidelines for quite a while. Part of our transfer strategy was predicated on having Cleverley anchor the midfield alongside Anderson. Without him, it’ll be interesting to see if Carrick is able to make the most of his chances or if someone else will step in and seize the opportunity.