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United’s £100k+ Christmas party, useless Shorey, Arsenal will stumble and of course, Rooney is better than Kaka

A quick round up of the top United news of today (and yesterday).

As Marco reports, the Manchester United players are preparing to spend over £100k on their Christmas party. I’m pretty sure that Arsenal players will be getting together for another evening playing flutes and dancing to Brazilian table drums (with the highlight of the party coming from Fabregas and Flamini re-enacting their Arsenal goal celebrations), but then again, that’s the price you pay for being boring as fuck on top (not talking about the football, mind you).

On a serious note, considering that a major chunk of this team is going to grow up together in the nest 4-5 years it’s good to see the United players bonding. Some might consider this as players taking their eyes off the target, but a well-rounded life is key to being a better footballer, and well, I can’t in good conscience say that partying hard is bad 🙂

There are other stories as well (I’ll come to Arsenal soon enough): Nickey Shorey is being rumoured as a potential January target for Manchester United. Bollocks. If anything, players like Simpson, Evans, Pique and O’Shea deserve more games and they should be playing across the back four, subbing for Brown and Evra more often. It’s unfortunate that two of our defenders are permanently on the doc’s table and that leaves us a bit thin across the back, for sure.

Perhaps after the Christmas run of games we’ll be able to judge better if we need a new player, but we have 10 quality defenders on the books already (4 mentioned above, Brown, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Neville, Silvestre), surely if any money is to be spent in January, it can be spent on renewing contracts for a few key players (or buying a striker to reduce our dependence on Saha).

Maradona says that Rooney is better than Kaka – IMO this is more of a takedown for the Brazilian Kaka than it is praise for Rooney. To be fair, even Rooney was more consistent and performing at a better level overall than Kaka last season, so Maradona does have a point.

And lastly, Sir Alex says again that Arsenal will stumble. Sure they will, but I don’t want us to sit around and wait – we need to start closing off the easy games and turning things up a notch in the big games, because so far this season we’ve been stuck in 2nd gear (remember the start?).

Roma are up next week, Liverpool on the next weekend, will be interesting to see which team Fergie sends out to Rome.

Alright then, that’s all for today, over to you guys.