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United Win and Some Non-game Thoughts

I couldn’t catch it live. And watching the whole match on tape, with prior knowledge of the result, can do only so much to the excitement a live match can generate.

First of all, tell me this: why does this tournament have to be scheduled in Japan every single year? [Apparently, it will be played in the United Arab Emirates for the next two years before returning to Japan.] So much for trying to foster a global appeal.

The game was unremarkable until well past the halfway stage: United went two goals up — courtesy, set pieces — before Gamba Osaka pulled a goal back. But it was Wayne Rooney’s introduction that really injected zest into the side. A few late slip ups aside — which gave the Japanese club a couple more goals — we did control the game, although there was the typical huffing and puffing that has come to characterise our play this season.

So 5-3 to United and, since I haven’t shown too much of an interest in this tournament, I will end the ‘report’ part of this post here.

Meanwhile, much speculation seems to have been put to rest — at least for the moment — on Ronaldo. First, this gem from Fergie — “I won’t sell them a virus” — and then Ronaldo calming things down with an “I’m happy”.

But with the amount of noise being made even among the more ‘credible’ news sources, the possibility of Ronaldo moving to Madrid cannot be completely ruled out.

The biggest news though is that of our round-of-16 draw with Inter. Mourinho returns to England and is bound to be a feisty affair. I wouldn’t call it a tasty match up though; on current form I expect both teams to stutter, huff and puff their way. Oh well, bring ’em on!

Finally, Scott has done a great job of breaking down the FA’s mis-handling of the Evra affair. I’ve spoken of my disappointment in the decision earlier briefly, but he’s done a better job of it. I will disagree with the last part of it where he says that it’s one rule for United and one for the rest. I wouldn’t be too sure of that; I think it’s more all round inconsistency and incompetence from the FA, regardless of clubs, than a conspiracy against United in particular. Anyway, go read that piece nonetheless.