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United We Rant: Vent Your Spleen

A lot of you United fans might have certainly heard of United Rant a well written Man United fanzine that a lot of us read often. However, it’s mysteriously never been updated; not for the past six months leaving many people wondering what on earth ever happened to the site.

While, of course, we wouldn’t really know when the site is going to be updated, not all is quiet on Rant-side. United Rant, however, does have a rabidly active forum, call it the seedy underbelly, or whatever better metaphor you might fancy associating with it. The link to the forum on the main page is a little inconspicuous, so the mods of the forum asked me if I could let more people know about the forum.

The place is full of mad Reds who wouldn’t think twice before calling you names — which might be a little disconcerting to the mild of heart. But the place is also full of really smart and witty people who know what they are talking about — well mostly, apart for the times when they may call you a prick, or something similar. So yes, you can break free from the shackles of political correctness at least.

Nonetheless, it is another great place for Man Utd fans to be at, in the online world, apart from Red Rants. So if you are interested go here and sign up and as they say, Vent Your Spleen.

Disclaimer: I am not getting financially compensated for this. I am a fairly active member here, among other forums and I am doing it because I think it is good.

United Rant Forum