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United vs Fulham: Preview

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We face Fulham in a late kick off on a Monday. I know, it can be frustrating if your team is not playing in the weekend. But that’s the way it is, and with the extra day that the lads got to rest you have to think that it should serve them well.

In case you were wondering why there was no sign of activity in this blog (in the articles part at least) it is because I am going through a very busy period. And as I mentioned a few posts before, this will be true for another week. But don’t fret. Hopefully Ahmed would drop by and give you some thoughts to ponder over and rant about. And I will chip in too. This won’t be for too long; I assure you that.

Getting back to the game. Rooney is expected to return, although I am not sure if he’d start. His absence has indeed affected us and if we are to move back to second — we are fourth at the moment — we would need him. That is not to say that we are that crap to be needing him against Fulham, but it is in the sense that he should get enough minutes under his belt before the crucial Liverpool game.

About the team composition, Tevez and Rooney should play up front with Giggs and Ronaldo in the wings. Hargreaves and Anderson will play in the middle, with our back four comprising Evra, Vidic, Rio and Brown.

Lawrie Sanchez had earlier claimed that he will go all out attack against us. We’ll have to wait and see about that. Although if that happens then we could see some space created in front.

Meanwhile, in team related news, the gaffer has hinted at not making any moves in January. But we know how often he has managed to surprise us. Again, only time will tell.

And, of course, one final word before signing off would be about the European Player of the Year award that went to Kaka. No doubt, he is a top, top player. But how the fuck did Messi make it to number three? Yes, he is an outstanding player and I am sure the kid would surpass one and all. He is the real deal. But what did he achieve with Barcelona or Argentina over the past year? I knew Ronaldo wouldn’t win it because no player from the EPL has ever won it so far. To be honest, Kaka and Milan had nothing else to play for but the Champions’ League and our players were knackered in that game. Oh well, I guess there’s no point complaining. Although I wonder if there would be any player who could ever win that prize from the Premier League.

Back to today’s game, my prediction: 2-0 to United.

And oh, let me remind you that our competition for winning that cool scarf from Savile Rogue is still on. Kindly read this post for details on how you could win one. Hurry!

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