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United To Steer Clear of Tevez

So now, quite unsurprisingly, that transfer ‘negotiations’ between the 5778 parties that own Carlos Tevez have come to a dead end, FIFA will be asked to take over and use their profound wisdom to come to a solution.

Although, if they do make a ruling in any party’s favour, there are, of course, the remaining 5777 parties to contend with, who will appeal to the rather fancifully named Court of Arbitration for Sport whose decision is final in these matters, or so they say.

Tevez at Old Trafford

The closest anyone can come to a decision is when the suits at FIFA meet on August 9th. That will be the time where, I would imagine, the paperwork and the case will be presented and explained. Given the complex nature of the situation, it would definitely require sometime for them to come out with a solution.

The people at the club, nonetheless, remain optimistic on the whole situation which is good. What is certain, however, is the fact that Tevez will not join United for the start of the season. Although fears have emerged that he even may not make it by the time the transfer window shuts. Optimists claim that FIFA will expedite this case, while there may even be a possibility that Tevez may be given special dispensation to move even after the window shuts. Just like how Mascherano moved on the 2nd of February.

This is terribly disappointing because Tevez would officially be a West Ham player when the season starts and I bet even he would be gutted to show up at Upton Park when his heart is clearly at United.

Oh well, shouldn’t we be used to this anyway? SAF especially knows how much he’s waited to get his men. Ruud took a while before he came, Owen Hargreaves took an entire year. We had the agonising situation with that cunt Obi Mikel. So Tevez is again one of those things. Hopefully he is a man of his word and doesn’t get tempted to jump ship over to Milan or Madrid.

So what’s good about all this?

Well, at least we know we aren’t going to get anything until Aug 9. So that should effectively block speculation, unless the Sun or the Mirror come up with their ‘exclusives’.

So let us (and United) steer clear of Tevez-speculation for the next couple of weeks and concentrate on slightly more important matters like, for example, the pre-season and our new signings. After all, we did sign three players, didn’t we?

It is going to be tough, but we will try to bring you more news from the Asia tour games and individual players/previews in our build up to the 07/08 season.

So watch this space.