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United to overpay for Valencia this week?

The Mirror carries the story today according to which, Antonio Valencia flew in last night for a medical to sign for United. It’s only the Mirror that’s running the story, sans quotes, but considering the Ronaldo transfer was confirmed at the end of last week, it was only a matter of time this happened.

The sum quoted is £16m which is what I have a problem with. Personally, any sum over £12-14m is too much for a winger who’s been consistent, but not outstanding. True, he’s an out and out winger and does give us some width.

But his stats don’t necessarily pop out to hold anyone’s fancy. I would hope this is only a straight buy, unlike other media sources that revolved around using Nani as a makeweight in the deal; that, to me, would be unacceptable because despite his reduced appearances last season he deserves a season where he’s given the chance to express himself and step out of Ronaldo’s massive shadow. He may never come close to Ronaldo’s ability, but he still deserves a chance.

Valencia again, might be a player that hugs the touchline and tries to cross it in, but our system has evolved to the extent that we don’t really have a striker that lurks in and around the box. Berbatov may have been bought for that purpose, but his lack of pace makes it difficult to have him in the area during a counter. I would pitch for Huntelaar, but there seems to be very little talk about the Dutchman. And I think Ferguson might opt for giving the likes of Macheda and Welbeck more of a chance the next season.

Valencia might be an improvement over Park or a now past-it Ryan Giggs (at least as a winger), but he’s an expensive one at that. But then, we seem to be having little options in the market with players either pricing themselves out of a move or just declaring their interest to play for Madrid.

I hope he turns out to be a great buy; to be honest, the compilation video (not that they are the final say on any player) show him to be a more direct player. It will be great to be proved wrong on him. But for now I’m not sure I can say I’m overjoyed by this transfer. I’m sure I may be stuck up in the ‘we-need-a-Ronaldo-type-player’ mode, but there are so little of them around these days. I believe Ferguson will change the system to a more orthodox 4-4-2 system now.

* * *

In other news, Rooney, in an interview with the Times has made it clear that he’s ready to flourish if he gets a more central role — which is his preferred role.

The confidence in the lad is good to see, and I’m sure the manager sees it too, but has perhaps been hamstrung by the need of his system, which sought to accommodate Ronaldo. Now that he’s gone, I see SAF go out of his way to satisfy Rooney. If he does that and stays injury free, I can see Rooney help shoulder a burden of our goals.

We have also been linked to Sergio Aguero, and his release clause is well within our reach. I like the player, but with Berbatov and Rooney expected to partner upfront, Aguero might be bought to provide a creative spark in a wide floating role behind the strikers — if at all he’s bought.

And that should wrap it up for today. Updates, if any, on the Valencia transfer will be added to this post. So watch this space.

* * *

Also don’t forget to hop over to Scott’s ROM blog who is running a Summer competition for which, anyone with a passing experience dabbling with MS Paint can join.



  1. Grognard

    29 June 2009 at 23:43

    @Gabriel: Would I be lying? NO. England had no chance with their three players suspended. But even I didn’t expect 4-0. That was a best case scenario for me.

  2. Grognard

    29 June 2009 at 23:52

    @RedDevilEddy: I tend to be a bit more realistic in the way I play the game mate. First of all I do not treat the game like an arcade game. I like realism so I control the ball a lot. Secondly, before I start a season, I go through the entire league and improve all the great players stats by using up all their goalkeeper ratings and tweaking wherever necessary. Thus the opposition is tougher and usually faster.

    I don’t doubt that you are more of a master of the game than me but I play a very fine and highly artistic game with plenty of possession and realism. If I wanted to I’d have no problem getting Ronaldo to score 75 goals for me but I am happy to play him in a manner that makes the simulation look real. I’ll even downgrade players stats if I think they are too high. I really bring Scholes and Neville’s stats down and Cech’s skills like Handling and bravery are readjusted since he no longer has those qualities. I also readjust all the teams squads and make sure the right players are starting and in the right position. Too many lower level players start for many teams in the default settings while far better players are on the bench or even worse, in the reserves. Once all this is done and it takes me quite a while, then the season is ready to start and it becomes much more realistic than at the default settings. After all, I know more about the game and the players than those muppets at EA Vancouver, who in some cases owe me for their jobs in the first place. 😀

  3. Grognard

    29 June 2009 at 23:58

    @RedDevilEddy: I’ll never get XBOX Live mate because I don’t like it. I am not one for playing console games with complete strangers or even friends. I have a thing about that. I am far from being a shy person but I have never opened up and accepted the live thing. I find it far too immature and adolescent for my liking. Friends of mine have told me about the number of assholes they run into when playing a few 3D shooters and they understand how I could not tolerate shit like that with my temperament and maturity.

    For me it’s just a video game, it’s not an ego thing. I don’t claim to be a world beater although I feel I’m pretty good with the game. I have delusions of whether I am exceptional or if I can beat you. I just prefer playing video games against a CPU unless that friend of mine is in my home. Then I am willing to compete. So sorry but it will be a sad day in Hell I join you and all the others on live. Just not my cup of tea. 🙂

  4. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 00:02

    @Dan: I’m sorry but I have to stick up for Keano on this and say this is nothing more than an urban myth. Sure Keano was physical and in some instances violent and dirty, but you would have to go through 3 full seasons to count as many infraction of that nature in Roy’s game that you find in that video alone of Cana. Cana is a psycho. I thought Melo was nice and physical and mean, Cana makes him look like a choir boy. Gattuso on crack. 🙄 😀 Keano was much more under control than that animal.

  5. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 00:07

    @RedDevilEddy: Honestly and truly Eddy, I would go on an Anderson love in if you did Riquleme to the music of Buster Poindexter’s “HOT HOT HOT”. It would be just so perfect sublime and full of Latino heat and passion. Do it please. 😀 😀

  6. Craig Mc

    30 June 2009 at 00:43

    @Grognard: Gattuso on crack 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  7. Craig Mc

    30 June 2009 at 00:49

    @Grognard: 😆 😆 😆 , Cana the Algerian Al Qaida terrorist on a football field. Now he is what you call a no nonsense footballer, and if he hasn’t got HAND GRENADES down his shorts instead of testacles, I’d be utterly amazed!

  8. Craig Mc

    30 June 2009 at 00:53

    @Grognard: Grog try offering Eddi a 2 week trial at OT in exchange for the videos you want. I know he will shape up and ship out quickly for that kind of a deal. What’s the matter with you, don’t you now how to negotiate Bro? You’ll never get SAF’s Manager post if you don’t learn fast 😀 .

  9. Andrei

    30 June 2009 at 01:03

    @Craig Mc: Whoa!! You think Ferguson negotiates? It’s his way or the ‘get yer fecking arse to the fecking scousers, ye feck!’ way 😆 😆

  10. Craig Mc

    30 June 2009 at 02:00

    @Andrei: 😆 😆 😆 , I hardly think he will send anybody to the scousers Bro!

  11. NicoQB

    30 June 2009 at 02:29

    Craig, you’re going to love this.

    Hint: Where’s that bloody pacifier? 😡

  12. Redrich

    30 June 2009 at 02:38

    Tevez thinks England has a President

    In his latest anti-United blabbering, Tevez believes that we lost the CL final because he didn’t start the game. And that it was impossible to argue his case against the President of England, SAF. 🙄 🙄 😛 😛 😆 😆

    This man has some serious mental problems!!

  13. NicoQB

    30 June 2009 at 02:44

    @Grognard: Me thinks that nostalgia blurs your appreciatiion of Keano.
    As much as I loved him as a player, he was very often downright dirty in his tackles. Remember the vendetta against Haaland? The gratuitious stomping of some player who I forgot his name? I remember times when the match was all but lost, and Keane would commit a stupid, unexcusable offense looking for a second yellow because I (and I would wager that many people too) suspected that he just wanted the game to done and dusted with.

    And remember this is just a youtube vid. You said it yourself, youtubes can make an average player look world class. The background hardcore music and action movie editng can make Cana look more aggresive than he actually is -ok he is an aggressive tough guy, but there’s no proof that he’s actually dirty minded, like, say, Keown.

    For all I know, maybe he is, but we all know the pitfalls of judging a player exclusively from youtubes. 🙂

  14. NicoQB

    30 June 2009 at 02:51

    @Redrich: Beat you to it! 😉

    Seriously, though, after his latest rant I would be surprised if he doesn’t get booed by the same fans he “gave his heart to.”

    I never had a problem with the person, I just thought his game generally lacked end product but now he’s basically burning bridges not only with the United board and players, but with the whole english footballing community.

    I wonder what his mates Evra and Park would think of this. Extremely disappointed with the lad, personally.
    Veron, for all of the bashing he (unfairly) received from the media always treated us with utmost respect.

  15. Redrich

    30 June 2009 at 03:10

    @NicoQB: Likewise, when all the “we wont sign Tevez” talk started, I was glad to here it, but also felt the lad had a right to make a good deal for himself with another team. I didn’t imagine for one minute, that he held so much hostility towards the club.

    What is it that he’s trying to do for himself, here?? I’ve heard of burning bridges, but this geyser is poisoning the fucking river too!! 👿 👿

    I now hope he gets stood up by every club and ends up back in good ole Argie!!

  16. TurkishRED

    30 June 2009 at 03:26

    @NicoQB: It is so sad to hear him talk like that after playing for us for two years. It’s as if he was being tortured or something… All of that “sadness” crap. In the end, was he really any better than Ronaldo in the departments of team spirit and selfishness or selflessness? I thought they were near-opposites but it turns out I was way off.

    Now the idiot is going to get booed when he comes to OT again. Booed the most vehemently by those who were saddened the most when they heard the first announcement. I’ll be booing as well when I see him playing next against us. Unfortunately.

    This reminds me of a quote from Blackadder the Third (although I’m not completely sure of its meaning, to be honest): “Let’s just damn the fellow’s eyes, strip the britches from his backside and warm his heels to Putney Bridge! HURRAH!” -The Prince Regent

  17. Redrich

    30 June 2009 at 03:49

    @TurkishRED: I think it means; scare the shit out of him, by threatening to throw him off a bridge.

    Now, if we wanted to do that, we have an ideal one here, where I live (Golden Gate Bridge). You guys ship him out and I’ll make sure he takes the plunge! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😈 😈 😈

  18. Gabriel

    30 June 2009 at 03:57

    @Redrich: AARGGH!!! 😡 😡 👿 Seriously, is this guy on dope or sumthin?? I’ve never hated a person so much in my life as I hate Tevez right now. Right now, he’s up there with Blatter, Platini and my personal tutor on my anthrax list. This guy just won’t shut the frakk up!!! What’s all this nonsense now about ‘suffering’ at United and not being able to forget the ‘pain’ ??? Is this the pain of hearing thousands of fans cheering your name constantly despite playing rubbish? Is it the pain of winning more trophies in two years than he has probably ever won in his career?? The pain of winning back to back PL titles? The pain of winning a CL trophy?? The pain of becoming world champions??? Oh, what suffering it must have been for you Carlito 🙄 😕 Seriously, this guy is a wazzock of the highest order 👿 👿


    30 June 2009 at 04:20

    do they sell a ” STFU TEVEZ” shirt?

  20. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 05:52

    Note to Carlos Tevez and to his handlers to interpret this to him. Carlos please please pleas SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. You pathetic ugly bitter little Hobbit. Two months ago you had a legion of fans who were on your side and loyal to you. Today the total number of fans that are lo0yal to you is at a staggering 13 and a bull terrier named Nigel.

    Get the hint. Shut your trap already. You have shit in the face of Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United more than enough to last a lifetime. Take your money and your new position with Manchester Shitty and please stop your bitching and whining. It’s a sad and pathetic attempt at sympathy and sucking up to fans who you are officially dead to. Why? Because you went and signed with the enemy and considered signing with the Anti-Christs themselves at Anfield. You have gone way out of your way to insult your former team and to show your bitterness.

    Wake up Carlos. You say that Fergie should have started you in the final. Why? Because you would have turned what was certain defeat into a victory with your deft touch, incredible finesse, pace and finishing ability? You couldn’t finish a glass of ale yet alone score a goal. The fact is Carlito, you aren’t good enough to wear the United shirt as a starter. You were stuck on the bench where you belong and were inserted into games for comic relief. Now piss off and stop your bellyaching, you sad little git.

  21. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 05:55

    @Craig Mc: Eddy is already penciled in as my starter at LWB when I take over. He knows he’s my number one guy. 😀

  22. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 05:59

    @NicoQB: I am very aware of what Keano was and yes he did have a nasty dirty streak in him. But this guy Cana looks out of control. I seriously fail to see how this guys survives a game without a red card. Keano was never that bad. I mentioned in my last e-mail that he could go mental against players he had a vendetta against, but Cana looks like he has a vendetta against everyone in the league. He’s a nut bag. Keano was more controlled and picked his spots carefully and usually with a lot more subtlety.

  23. Red Ranter

    30 June 2009 at 06:01

    New post up. It’s an Exclusive! First person account on the sorry life of a former United player. Recommended read.

  24. Grognard

    30 June 2009 at 06:05

    @TurkishRED: I love it when somebody quotes something from the greatest show ever The Black Adder. Quality. I’ll add to that today in memory of Germany’s sound destruction of All English Girls Axillary Balloon Corps (aka England’s Under 21’s). “Ends up for the big Bosch gang bang”. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😛 😛 😛 😛

  25. Red Ranter

    30 June 2009 at 06:08

    @Redrich: That was precisely what I thought when I read the article. England has a president. And it was the centre point of a piece I penned some time back. It’s in the new post.

  26. TurkishRED

    30 June 2009 at 06:25

    @Grognard: Well I’ve been watching Blackadder so much recently that every situation seems to call for a quote or two that just pops up into my head… Speaking of which, I’m glad that we’ve rid ourselves of the Flanders Pigeon Murderer.

  27. Red Ranter

    30 June 2009 at 06:29

    @TurkishRED: One of the greatest comedies of all time. And it’s unfathomable of seeing such a stellar cast of actors, from Rowan Atkinson, to Stephen Fry to Hugh Laurie to converge on a single show again. Simply a class apart. I still have the full four seasons, and still chuckle right through the show.

  28. TurkishRED

    30 June 2009 at 06:40

    @Red Ranter: Were they all “stellar”, as you say, before or at the time of production in the 80’s or do you say that because they are so stellar together, as I feel?

    By the way, I’ve just seen BBC’s Blackadder Rides Again and must say that it is just splendid to see the cast and crew talk about it all again.

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