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United star hints at stay

1094267-17380641-640-360After a turbulent summer during which he was denied a move to Chelsea, Wayne Rooney has admitted he must now knuckle down and work hard to regain the fans’ faith – nor that he needs to, judging by the scenes that unfolded on Tuesday night – and, for the first time in a long time, has hinted his future might lie at Old Trafford.

When questioned on his future by ITV’s Gabriel Clarke on Tuesday night, Rooney declined to publicly commit his future to the club.

“Listen, I’ve just told you. I am concentrating on my football which I’ve been doing all summer,” snapped the man with the headband.

Despite his unwillingness to shed a light on his future, Rooney has admitted he’s had to put his personal issues aside, after a summer during which the England international was subject of two offers from Chelsea, both of which were swiftly rejected by United.

“I’ve put my head down and worked hard and tried to do everything right,” explained Rooney.

“I’ve tried to show the right attitude. I’ve always felt that’s a really important thing to do.

“That’s paying off for me on the pitch. I feel fit and ready to do well.

“I feel good. I’ve had some good training the last few weeks. It’s been stop-start with the injuries, but I’ve just kept my head down and worked hard and now I’ve played and got some goals.

“I feel great. The training is a bit different under the new manager – I remember it from Everton, it’s more intense. That’s helping me.

“I feel good and am glad to be out playing.”

The 27-year-old was also supportive of new manager David Moyes, hinting their personal issues have been forgotten by both parties.

“He’s a great manager and thoroughly deserves this job because of what he did at Everton,” said Rooney. “It’s good to work under him and hopefully be successful together.”

David Moyes has expressed his intention to see a partnership developing between Rooney and Robin Van Persie and, judging by the first couple of games this season, the United’s manager might get his wish, which would vindicate his decision to keep the former Everton man at Old Trafford.

“I’ve seen things said over the summer, but me and Robin are friends off the pitch,” continued Rooney. “There’s no problem between me and Robin at all. We’re great friends and we want to help each other and be successful.

“I think the manager has made it clear that he wants one up and one behind, and whatever way round that is it doesn’t matter to me.

“It doesn’t matter as long as one is always filling in behind and helping out the midfield.

“We’ve done the work together and the times we played together last season we did well, so hopefully we can play more together this season and do well.

“It’s different [to playing with Cristiano Ronaldo]. Ronaldo played out wide most games and I was on the other side, out wide. We were both playing off the front man.

“This is different with Robin. We dovetail well and try and help each other score goals.”

Rooney scored his 200th goal for Manchester United on Tuesday night, only the fourth player in the club’s history to score 200 or more goals and David Moyes was quick to challenge his striker to reach Bobby Charlton’s all-time record of 249 goals and Rooney’s chance to become a record-breaker at the club featured heavily in the summer talks between Rooney and Moyes.

“Obviously those conversations are private, but I knew it anyway.

“To be edging closer to it [Charlton’s record] is great for me. But I think the most important thing for me was to get back playing and get among the goals and hopefully that will put me in good stead for coming games,” said Rooney.