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United star can “lose control”

Angel-Di-Maria (1)Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has claimed that Angel Di Maria is prone to “lose control” at times, insisting the Argentinian has a tendency to misplace passes.

“People should think twice before saying that James can fill Di María’s boots because they’re very different players. Di María could take matches by storm with his energy, but he also used to lose control sometimes, misplacing important passes,” Ancelotti said.

On Saturday, Di Maria was replaced after 71 minutes, a decision Van Gaal said was motivated by the need to ensure the team remained balanced.

“He has played in a very small space and he is a dribbler,” the United manager said.

“But sometimes you cannot dribble, you have to make it a pass game and Di María is not a player who wants to give a pass every time he gets the ball, therefore he lost the ball a lot of times and that was not good for the balance of the team.”