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Manchester United Players

United play like a ‘bunch of strangers put together’

Cd0RDszWAAAfw91Roy Keane admitted being saddened by Manchester United’s current demise and claimed the players aren’t coping with the pressure that comes with playing for the club.

United were knocked out of the Europa League by Liverpool on Thursday night, yet another blow in what has become a dismal season for Louis Van Gaal’s side and Keane said United’s fall from grace was astonishing.

“I’m really saddened by what I’ve seen happen to United over the last year or two,” he said after the game.

“It’s like a bunch of strangers have been thrown together.”

The former United captain added that a number of players looked unable to perform under pressure, which did not reflect well on them or the manager.

“When I played for Manchester United and put that jersey on I felt ten feet tall, but you see these players, some of them look like they’re shrinking with it on,” he said.

“If you’re playing for Man United you have to deal with that pressure and expectation and this group of players are struggling.

“Where are the leaders of this group? Even tonight when they were chasing the game, Liverpool could have scored five or six easily.

“You have to use your head and use your brain and thats where the characters come into it and we’re just not seeing it.”