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Transfer Rumours

United manager has the chance to swap one player of his choice.

imagePretend you’re the manager of Manchester United for a minute (shouldn’t be hard for most of you who do that every day anyway!!).

The chairman comes to you and says “you can do a straight swap using ONE player from the current first team squad with ONE FELLOW PREMIER LEAGUE PLAYER playing in THE SAME POSITION”

If it were me……..

I’d be looking to send Rooney back down the East Lancs and get Luis Suarez coming the other way.

I can’t imagine that being very popular but I’m taking it on a purely football related basis.

I’ve tweeted the same question tonight and there’s been some very interesting responses.

Anderson appears high on the list of players who would be quickly shipped out while players such as Wilshere, Yaya Toure and Juan Mata seem the popular candidates to replace him.

Ashley Young is also on the hit list with Gareth Bale getting a considerable amount of nominations to replace him.

Who would you swap?

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