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United Lay the Smackdown on Bolton

Well all I can say is this is really a fun start to the season. It may be very unrealistic to expect this young Manchester United team to maintain this kind of torrid scoring pace and incredible form for an entire season but we can dream can’t we? Today’s contest was truly another massacre in which we imposed our will like lions feeding on Christians. Once again our big guns came, saw and conquered. I love the killer instinct this club is showing and although they went into a bit of a lull midway through the contest, they still managed to create chances a 3/4 speed. I prefer them playing 90 minutes in ramming speed but I am also realistic.


For those who never saw my player ratings I say go back to the previous thread and check them out. It has become increasingly trendy and very addictive having to offer up ratings and just wreak of positives and kudos for the lads and for Fergie who seems to want to let them play and enjoy themselves rather than force them into that boring conservative possession game they played the last two years.

This club reminds me more of the La Lakers in the Magic Johnson ‘Showtime’ years when they would run ‘n gun and fast break teams to death. United are using their pace and it’s not just creating chances, it is physically exhausting the opposition which opens up space and opportunities for us to also score late goals as we did today and against Arsenal. The pace and flow is simply intoxicating and I honestly cannot recall a period in United history when a team that was so young played with such pace and yet controlled the game and tempo like veterans.

For years we have been hearing about Arsenal youth movement yet Fergie has quietly put together a juggernaut of quality players who are younger as a team than what Arsenal are fielding these days. Big difference is the quality of our players and their decision making showing so much more class and maturity than the Gunners have.

Among the stars today one only has to look at Phil Jones and Anderson to understand how dominant we have become and how the spine of this club has been so solidified by the development of players like Smalling, Jones, Anderson, Cleverley, Welbeck and Chicharito. And De Gea must be included because he has the look and potential of a future great keeper even if he is a bit shaky right now. In fact, I am of the belief that Smalling, Jones, Cleverley, Welbeck and Rooney will be the spine or backbone for United as well as England for years to come. I have always been a believer that you build a solid team from the middle out and we are truly blessed with the players we have in the middle and then I get positively giddy when I think of the wingers we have in Young, Nani and Valencia as well. We are positively overflowing in talent right now and we still haven’t seen Paul Pogba.

Killer Instinct: Version 20.11

As for the match, I really felt the game was in the bag after Bolton had a sure goal cleared off the line by Rooney shortly after we took that early 1-0 lead. That was uplifting for us and demoralizing for them and then when Rooney struck from that great cross from Phil Jones, well it was lights out. The difference between this team and last year’s team is that last season we rarely ever scored early, especially on the road. And we never ever showed killer instinct after going up by 1-0 or even 2-0. This season we just dig down and yell, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” and simply pummel our opponents. We are living by our new motto of show no mercy and take no prisoners.

This team has a sadistic quality to their game and above all their finishing has been nothing short of rapier sharp so far this season. How many chances did Rooney have today, three? He scored on all his chances barring perhaps one. Last year I felt we were rather wasteful at times and even thought there are a lot of games left to play, the sharpness and clinical quality of our finishing is a bright addition to our overall play.

As for the individual performances today, let me examine four key players for special praise. Who still thinks Wayne Rooney isn’t world class? Be off with you if you do. My man of the match, Wayne has turned it up a notch and he looks leaner and hungrier this year but the key addition to his overall game is he seems totally focused and not distracted like he was last year. Hell, last season he never reached his 8th goal of the season until April. This year he looks set to invade the 30 goal arena for the EPL season and may tally over 40 in all competitions.

And what of his strike partner one Mr. Chicharito? A great performance with great goals and even more so his great display of pace and dazzling runs that left his opponents bedazzled and confused. The run he made on his first goal cannot be taught but it should still be shown in classes as it was truly epic In nature. There were a few times he was wasteful but overall, he was back and we can surely count on him for yet another fantastic season bulging the old onion bag.

Special praise must also go to a player I have been very critical and bloody well cruel to over the years. Mr. Anderson has grown up it seems. He looks to have dropped some weight and has found the spark and the confidence that was lacking and now his pace, vision and desire is completely controlling the midfield and I love his one touch passing and quickness not to mention his new found ability to finish off and score a goal now and then. Still, now that Cleverley will be out for a while I think the smart thing is to move him into the attacking midfielder role that Cleverley had and play Carrick farther back or better yet, bring on the mystery man Paul Pogba so we can see if he truly is the next Patrick Vieiera.

Special Praise For a Seemingly Special Talent:

Finally I would love to send out special praise to my new favorite United player along with Cleverley, on Phil Jones Esquire. Top notch mate. Phil is 19 yet he plays like he is 29 and has bin der and dun dat as they say. The future skipper of England is a beast and I have given him the nickname King Conan because he truly plays like a warrior and delivers the killer blow in attack as well. Two assists for a Centre Back turned Right Back is pretty impressive but the way he went about showing immense skill and confidence was nothing short of sensational. I admittedly scratched my head when we signed him because I could not wrap my head around signing yet another central defender when we had other holes to fill. I’m not scratching my head any longer. Instead I am on my knees praising Fergie and the good lord for delivering Phil to Old Trafford.

5-0 and the beat goes on and another foe bites the dust. Seriously mates, I could get used to this positive vibe shite. This club is not just a joy to watch but they have given the self appointed Prince of F$%&ing Darkness a seriously overdue vacation and for that I am eternally grateful. I needed a break from the dark side.