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United go Scottish with new kit

The title might have slipped through United’s fingers, the strategy regarding this summer’s transfers might still be unknown (and it will, perhaps, remain so for a few months) but at least United have their new kit for the 2012-2013 season.

At 4pm today, the club’s official facebook page published a picture of the shirt United will be wearing next season.

Truth be told, the picture only reveals a small detail below the collar, a curious tartan-like pattern that rumours have described as a tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25-year-long reign at the helm.

The Manchester United Shirt, part of the ‘Gingham’ collection celebrates the 134th anniversary of the foundation of the club in 1878 when Manchester was at the hearth of industrial revolution, as expressed by the motto embroidered inside the collar: “Forged in industry, striving for glory”.

United continue in their recent habit of unveiling a new kit every season, rather than every two as fans had become accustomed to and might face heavy criticism from their supporters for the design – some of them have already taken to the web to voice their discontent.

Will this be the shirt that will mark United’s resurgence in Europe? Will Hazard, Modric or Martinez ever don this kit?

Only time will tell, for now have a look here for the preview.

Daniele (@MUFC_dan87)