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United Get the Job Done, Just

I will be very brief, and apologies for those expecting something elaborate. Pressing issues, setting the house in order are just some of the minor things that need to be addressed in the offline life. So short posts will be the order of the day for the moment, at least.

Right. So we move top of the table for sure. Which means we can field our Carling Cup XI against Roma and rest the lads so that they stay fresh for the Liverpool game played three days later.

There wasn’t too much to talk about the game. Well, there is a lot to talk about, but due to reasons mentioned above I can’t be elaborate. So I will present this match report in bullets:

  • We were terrible in the first half and much better in the second.
  • We hardly managed to string passes properly and Sporting Lisbon deservedly took the lead as well as shaded us in possession
  • Their goal was due to an error by Tomasz Kuszczak. And I have to say, Abel actually went for the shot rather than trying to cross it. No excuses for not blocking a shot that went to the near post.
  • It is a little harsh on the Pole, but in the time that I’ve seen him, he is a good shot stopper, but his ability to command the area and decisions making remains dodgy.
  • Anderson had a poor first half. And not too better second although he did get more space in the second and sent in quite a few long range passes.
  • Carrick was much better than he was against Bolton. Although that would be an improvement from Appalling to merely Disappointing. Nonetheless he is getting games, which means he will get better hopefully.
  • Nani just kept finding new ways to give the ball away. I know he’s young and all that. But someone needs to beat some sense into him. Perhaps it’s his rather poor decision making ability. He should get better hopefully.
  • It was little wonder then, that Tevez’s and Giggs’ introduction gave our team some teeth in the attacking third. At times it appeared as if Tevez was the only one who wanted to get the win. His goal despite the tap in from close range was well deserved for his efforts.
  • Ronaldo hit a free kick that actually curled! Can someone believe that?! It is likely that we wont see Owen Hargreaves taking free kicks again for another ten games. Which is sad.
  • In conclusion, I’d say the win was fortuitous. I’d expect better in future. But we got the result, so we’ll rejoice in our topping the group. Hopefully it means we don’t have to play Arsenal or Liverpool; I am not sure if UEFA rules prevent clubs from same leagues draw each other in the round of 16 itself.

End of report. Discuss.