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United get Milan, Giggs gets new deal

The Champions League draw results have been out, and as most of you know, United get AC Milan in the round of 16. The papers’ analysis of the draw is Beckham’s return to Old Trafford and Jose’s return to Chelsea. It begs the question: is a draw, which is presumably a glorified roll of the dice to determine which sides face each other, really something worth analysing? Thoughts?

Of course, the talking point for United fans is Beckham’s return to Old Trafford as a player. Before Ronaldo he was our biggest marketable star, and like Ronaldo, his departure has split opinion amongst supporters. His reception will intrigue me. So, thoughts on Beckham’s arrival, welcome.

And finally Ryan Giggs has agreed another one-year contract extension. At this rate it’s quite possible I will be reporting a new deal for Giggs in 2065 to my grandchildren. The extension is unsurprising, which is why it’s incredible.

“Ryan deserves a new contract and I am sure he will play for another two years,” said the manager. “His form is fantastic at the moment and he is playing some of his best football.”

Giggs on his extension: “I am enjoying my football more than ever and I am looking forward to hopefully winning more trophies with United.”

Right, so there’s your lot. And, once again, thoughts?

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