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United Continue In Rich Vein, But Ferguson’s Rallying Call is Misplaced

A demolition of Hull, made complete especially in the last ten minutes, should hold United in good stead ahead of more challenging encounters against City and Arsenal.

Wayne Rooney was majestic, and not just his four goals, as he looks well on course to comfortably exceed his past season scoring records.

More importantly Nani, who was played on the right, preferred over Valencia, impressed. Given a rare start on the right, he showed yet again why a lot of United fans feel frustrated: a fantastic talent but wasted due to moments of indecision or lack of a prolonged run in the side.

He didn’t show much indecision on Saturday, as a dominant performance showed how much he is capable if given a longer run, and when he sorts out his head. I haven’t been convinced of Nani despite his obvious talent, but I will be glad if he proves me wrong. We really need a good creative winger on both sides, and if Nani can turn it on, then it will be a welcome turn of fortune for us as this season winds down.

But the biggest addition to the side was Rio Ferdinand — who ensured we were reasonably solid in defence; something that was patently lacking over the past month and a half.

Rooney’s four goals was a first for him, professionally. He later said the last time he scored four goals was when he was 12.

All we need from Rooney now, is to get him to stay injury free, and continue to stay in his purple patch — easier said than done, I know. [More importantly, he shouldn’t be played up front on his own.]

But the big talking point of the day was the protests, in the form of anti-Glazer chants. Ferguson attempted to win over fans by devoting significant space space to that in his programme notes:

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to express disapproval if they don’t like what they see around them,” said Ferguson. “I am not slow to express disapproval myself if there is something I don’t agree with – even in the boardroom with the directors. But once I walk out of that meeting I get on with my job as manager of the team. Some of our fans are clearly unhappy with the financial position but we mustn’t allow the situation to become divisive. We must remain loyal to the cause of Manchester United.”

However he seems to be missing the point entirely, if he followed what the fans were on about over the last couple of weeks. Most, if not all, fans are 100% behind the club, the manager and the players. What we have been protesting about is the direction the ownership has taken. If Ferguson says he’s disagreed with members of the boardroom, it matters not a jot to us, because the disagreement is contained within the boardroom.

He must let the fans do what they need to do to get the owners’ attention. However futile it may seem, given the Glazers’ record, peaceful demonstrations against the ownership is certainly welcome. If Fergie would have noticed, the fans sang the names of the players through the game yet chanted LUHG during the match. Why is this hard for players and the manager to grasp, I guess I will never understand. [I hope he does and he’s just getting on with his job.]

Anyway, let’s get behind our side ahead of City, because the lads will need all the support they need to over turn a deficit.


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