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United beat Posh + Media Froth As Ronaldo Returns (Apparently)

Fergie faced off with Fergie junior, in what looks like an annual affair of family reunions, as United’s boys beat Peterborough 2-0. I must first say a big, big sorry for not being here when the club paid its tribute to one of United’s — and the modern era’s — greatest professionals in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I have never hidden my love for players of his kind. And we all know it’s not just the injury time winner against Bayern that makes us love him so much.

But back to yesterday’s game United eased past Peterborough, but not before being given a good workout by the opposition.

I really don’t think I should go into too much detail on pre-season friendlies, but my interest was piqued when I heard the da Silva twins were expected to feature. And it must be said, they didn’t disappoint. Rafael more so.

The right back stormed up and down the wing and threw himself about quite well showing that he wasn’t shy to shirk from challenges. His ambition, moving forward did leave spaces at the back, but then we forget that he’s just 18 and he’ll have lot to learn before making it to the first team. Of course, to gain some perspective, it’s just one pre-season game and whilst he did make a good first impression, we mustn’t be creaming over him.

I have been impressed with Carlos Tevez though. He has been a man on a mission throughout pre-season and I think we will see the real Carlos Tevez this season because he’s had a good rest in the summer. He admitted once that he has been playing continuously for the past two years without much break. And so we think this summer might have done him a world of good.

Rio and Brown were solid while they were there, Possebon showed some good touches, Gibson scored a cracker, and Campbell disappointed.

And that’s all I want to read into yesterday’s friendly.

* * *

Tomorrow we face Juventus at home. It should be a tasty encounter. Also there will be a presentation of the trophies, but such has been the hurt in the summer that all of this will seem like a Pyrrhic victory. The man who helped cause, both, said hurt and ecstasy, Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly returns to Old Trafford. Now I don’t know if the Guardian took ideas from this post, but I see, at the end of the story a possible dialogue between Ronaldo and Ferguson. It must be said that the “conversation” wasn’t nearly as funny as the one penned by yours truly, but one must concede that hacks from the mainstream media can also have a little fun.

But my concern is not about this alleged idea-stealing — it’s about how they make it sound so dramatic; like Calderon, Ronaldo and Ferguson were going to have some sort of a Mexican standoff. I don’t know how the Telegraph and the Guardian (as examples) infer that there is still a major major doubt about Ronaldo staying, but I suggest everyone to read the piece by Tim Stannard (of the La Liga Loca column in Four Four Two) to get a good (and humorous) perspective on the happenings in the Iberian peninsula.

Yes, I am not having another rant against the evil that’s Madrid.

I am that tired, and I am off for now.

Meanwhile, in my travels around the world wide web, I found something worth sharing with you all. I think it is rather thought provoking in the context of people spending time proving a point on internet chatrooms — i.e., blokes like us. I will leave the image speak for itself.


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