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United are on the ‘Brink of a Signing’

It’s a quiet day if you ignore the words Dimitar Berbatov. But you can’t ignore it today, because otherwise, there wouldn’t be much to write about here. So let’s not ignore it and decide to talk about it. Er, okay…

Dimitar Berbatov is on the brink of joining Manchester United according to most sports outlets. There has been all sorts of crazy speculation. But there is little, by way of quotes, to suggest anything. However, such has been the mood in the press, with some papers having proclaimed that Berbatov is already in Carrington and will sign ahead of the Friday pre-season photo shoot, that it is safe to say that Berba will be a United player soon.

The transfer fee reportedly anything between £25 to £28 million has also sparked debate on the value of the player. I personally think £25m is a good deal but think the final fee to be closer to the £28m mark.

Anyway, I think we can start thinking up Berba chants.

Elsewhere, John Terry decides to chime in with his contribution to the pre-season trash talk. “I don’t think United have another level to go to, he suggests. “They had a lot of players in their team who have been at the peak of their form for the last two years.” Fair enough. But we also don’t have players who slip when all they’re supposed to do is to kick the fucking ball from the spot.

And Ryan Giggs has admitted that, whilst he’s played the past two seasons like they were his last, there is a good chance this could be his last. There is a piece on the Telegraph that also talks about his desire to get into coaching.

And finally, ahead of the new season I thought I could get RR a bit of a facelift. It’s the same theme with some minor tweaks. Initially I flirted with the idea of a radically different theme, but I had already fallen in love with my existing theme that I thought a few minor tweaks to be handy. Now there is a rotating header that will change upon page load, randomly. Hopefully we’ll get to add more headers and also iron out minor bugs in design in due course. Of course, thanks are in order to Ahmed of Soccerlens for getting the right designer to do the job and generally bearing with my nitpicking.

And since there is a big time gap between when this post was drafted and when it went to publish mode, here’s hoping Berbatov has signed as you read these lines.

Till tomorrow.