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United are ‘fitness clowns & scientific cowboys’

Moyes and Van PersieDon’t worry, we haven’t gone completely berserk with rage after another day has passed without United signing one of the many top players they’ve been linked with since the transfer window open its doors.

Neither were those words uttered by Wayne Rooney, after United turned down Chelsea’s latest bid and forced him to remain at the club for at least another season, despite his rather clear desire to seek greener pastures in the south west part of the capital.

Dutch fitness specialist Raymond Verheijen, who previously worked with Wales, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City has criticised David Moyes’ training regimes and approach, after the United manager had admitted “overtraining” Robin Van Persie in a bid “to build up his fitness”.

After last season’s top scorer withdrew from United’s friendly in Japan after lamenting muscle tightness in his thigh, Verheijen, through his Twitter account, launched a scathing attack on David Moyes, who is in danger of jeopardising Van Persie’s fitness, according to the Dutch fitness specialist.

“The only way to solve this problem in Jurassic Park is to improve education of these dinosaur coaches, fitness clowns & scientific cowboys,” he wrote. “All over the world in preseason you see the pattern overtraining-fatigue-injuries’. Always avoid accumulation of fatigue in pre-season,” Verheijen wrote on Twitter.

“As long as most dinosaurs are still in denial and ignore how things develop in other countries, nothing will ever change,” he continued. “Obviously, players like RVP should learn to protect themselves better against ‘overtraining’.”

Moyes confirmed that Van Persie will feature in tomorrow’s friendly.

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