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United “are doing a Liverpool”

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFollowing the well-established tradition that has characterised Liverpool managers for a couple of decades, Brendan Rodgers has chosen to prepare for tomorrow’s game by, unsurprisingly, talking about United and explain in detail the “dangers” the club are facing by missing out on a Champions League spot.

Rodgers is undoubtedly well aware of what it means to be left out of Europe’s top competition, for he’s never managed in the Champions League himself and Liverpool have missed out on a top four finish in the last four seasons and while there’s no denying that Liverpool have been superior this season, claiming missing out on the Champions League is dangerous is bit rich coming from him.

“This is a worldwide club, a monumental club, but when you’re not in the Champions League we found it difficult because the best players want to play in the best competitions,” Rodgers told the Guardian.

“This was Liverpool and we weren’t in the Champions League and in order to get in some of the type of players we want, that’s where we need to be and are trying to be. Any club will suffer the same when they’re not in there. There is no doubt it will hurt you but United will know that.”

Meanwhile, Kenny Dalglish couldn’t resist a pop at United himself – those 20 titles have obviously hurt him – and claimed that “Liverpool are on a crest of a wave going to Old Trafford and United are on the crest of a slump.”

Rodgers, however, admitted that Liverpool can’t underestimate United tomorrow but insisted David Moyes’ men have no chance of finishing fourth this season.

“I think it is dangerous to think that. They are still the champions and until that changes all we can do is go there and look where we are at. We are second in the league on merit.

“We have performed consistently for a long period of time and that makes us a very dangerous opponent. We know we are dangerous but I would never disrespect them and what they have done over a long period of time.

“We are 11 points clear now. If it goes to 14 they can’t do it. Even 11 is going to be very tough because we are entering into a period where we are stronger. We were brilliant over the last 10 games of last season and we have been doing the same pattern this year.”

A Champions League spot might be long gone, but we better make sure this doesn’t become their year and a win tomorrow would go a long way in ensuring that it doesn’t.