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United* 1-1 Chelsea: First Blood to the Reds

EVDS saved 3 penalties as United beat Chelsea in the Community Shield game. The first half was fiesty with tackles flying all over. United had the better of the Blues, creating more chances. Giggs rounded off a good move from Evra’s cross. Malouda took advantage of one of Rio’s famous short-naps with a smart flick to make it 1-1 in the first half.

The second half brought about substitutions and drifted off into some sort of a snorefest, with nothing to separate either side. Although United would edge them out by virtue of chances created in the second half. Nani played in the second half too, and took some good corners.

So first blood to United. Not that there’s too much to read into it. But a Cup is a Cup, and we’ll feel pleased.

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