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Twists Galore as Tevez Saga Continues

The Tevez situation yesterday went through more twists than your small intestine with, at least, two contradictory reports.

Let’s have a look at them.

First, Sky Sports reported that Tevez will be flying to Old Trafford on Tuesday following the Copa America final on Sunday to attend a medical at United. Joorabchian was quoted as saying that the legal issues will be thrashed out and things will go smoothly.

Then a BBC report says that United have denied reports that a deal is imminent. This was in contrast to popular notions in the media, where even Sir Alex was quoted as saying Tevez will come to OT for a medical on Tuesday. Although, I think it’s quite possible that United are trying to be guarded on the whole Tevez saga due to its complications.

In my opinion it is right of the club to stay silent on the whole issue, as far as revealing facts to the media is concerned, while being as transparent as possible with the arbiters involved. West Ham are almost certainly going to get screwed either way and they would consider themselves lucky if they only escape with a points penalty for the coming season for, make no mistake, Sheffield United are surely sniffing round the corner with renewed vigour.

The Times reported that Kia Joorabchian has been issued an arrest warrant for his alleged money laundering activities during his time in Brazil. While this story will further plunge this transfer wrangle into chaos, I believe it shouldn’t affect us getting Tevez. True, Eggert and Co will bring up the issue of freezing his assets, which would mean freezing Tevez (heh!) too. But I think this arrest has more to do with Kia’s murky past (with the Corinthians) than his current ownership of Tevez.

Finally, on to less gloomy issues, while still talking about Tevez, Heinze says he convinced Tevez to come over to United. It was the same article where he considered feeling ‘proud’ to be linked with clubs like *gasp* Liverpool, Madrid and Barcelona. But as Sir Alex himself said, he doesn’t want to sell anyone at the moment and he would surely not want to lose Heinze because that would weaken the squad in the left back berth. (I am assuming we are going to sell Silvestre) And if the boss wants to fight on all four fronts this season, then he would surely not want to weaken the defence.

Keep visiting as we will update this space on further developments, in this tiring saga.

Update: The BBC again, as West Ham are talking out of their arses like a cracked tape recorder. WHU say that there is no way Tevez is going to United for a medical so soon and have termed that act ‘irresponsible’. Talk about being irresponsible. Oh, the irony!