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Transfer Rumours: Bardsley to Everton/Ibrahimovic

It’s been a quiet couple of days and papers seem to have gone quiet as far as our club is concerned. Only Quagliarella remains on the radar while most tabloids seem happy to feast on Arsenal with the La Liga finally over. Sometimes you have to feel for them, because the Spanish tabloids seem to have gone into overdrive while there seems to be no end to Henry’s whining and declaration of love towards Dein. Not even Tom Cruise went so overboard in his public displays of love for Katie, but then I digress.

Another interesting thing to note is the lack of activity at Anfield. One would have expected their promised ‘major swoop plan’ swing into action as soon as the La Liga got over. We are still waiting. Not that it’s going to stop them from going on about how this year is going to be their year.

Back to United… today, having very little to say, I have brought news from unreliable sources. They are rumours anyway, so read it for your pleasure.

The Sun claims that Phil Bardsley will make a move to Everton. Don’t ask me for the link. I haven’t found it yet but I saw that on the Manutd site. I always was under the impression that Martin O’Neill was keen on the player. So while an Everton move isn’t very surprising, give this sometime. You will see other mid-table clubs interested too. And of course, where there is a fringe player, there will be a Roy Keane, Sunderland and tomorrow’s gossip story.

While, another site that has clearly fallen in standards in my opinion, claims that United are interested in Ibrahimovic. He may be a skillful player without doubt, but I have seen that his petulance often tends to get the better of him. He is a bag of tricks, but for a striker he can be as profligate in front of goal as Saha. So if the rumours are indeed true, I don’t think getting him is a good idea. He has also apparently demanded an insanely high wage contract. I think Inter should keep him.

Anyway, that’s about it from here. Hopefully there are better things to talk about tomorrow.