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Totti Mouths Off Prior to Hammering | Happy Tevez | Happy Ron | Happy Vidic

It’s that time of the year again. Just a day away from the Roma game. The Romans will have some scores to settle. And it is highly likely they will begin their mind games, looking to score some points, prior to the game, in order to make up for the hiding of last season.

So is the Roman revenge going to be successful? Will Totti terrorize Rio and Co? Stay tuned for the preview of the Man Utd-Roma clash same time, same place, tomorrow, here on your favourite blog! Till then, though, let’s go ahead and get done with the customary roundup of the day.

1. A vengeful Totti talks about, erm… vengeance. He should be anyway. It is expected from him. We’d have to wait and see if they come at us. If they do, it would be a good thing. We should get more space on the counter then. Anyway this is what he had to say prior to the Inter game last week:

“I’d like to win both clashes,” Totti said, “but should I have to choose, I prefer winning in Manchester.
“More than Inter we think to Old Trafford, where last year we suffered a general disaster. That evening, I felt bad. We were sure to overcome the round and to join the semi-finals.”

It looks like he set himself up not to win against Inter. What else explains the 4-1 hammering they got at the hands of the Azzuri? It should give us confidence, and Fergie would be studying the videos carefully.

2. Tevez Delight. Carlos Tevez is touched by the adulation and love he gets from the fans in England. He loves how close to the ground, supporters are, here in England, as against those in South America. And of course, the Argentina chants keep the lad going.

3. Ronaldo Delight
Encouraging signs from our Portuguese No 7 as he seems to sound more and more a proper Red player. It’s been widely accepted that some day he will move on to warmer climes of Madrid or Barcelona. But when he says things like this:

“Here at Manchester United is where I feel happy. So much so that I have no problem in saying that I would like to stay here for many more years.”

it makes one feel quite happy. More than that he does also say he regrets ever saying he wanted to move away, putting that down to being a slave of his impulses more than anything. It’s nice to hear some of the stuff that he’s been saying. He does seem to have a far mature head these days, which is good.

4. Vidic Delight
Yes, it’s been a procession of happy red players here, while this news may sound a tad old. Vidic has been apparently handed a bumper 4 year contract in recognition of his immense contribution over the past year. Apart from defensive solidity – Rio is a completely different player alongside him – he is also a lethal goal threat and I think we’ll see more of those fearless headers towards the opposition net in corners. He is also, unsurprisingly, quite delighted with our 1-0 wins.

5. Other news.
We are supposedly after Miguel Veloso of Sporting Lisbon (Surprise! Surprise!) which doesn’t make sense to me. He is a defensive midfielder. Given the surfeit of players in that position – not to mention young Darron Gibson – I wonder if we really need him.

And Simone Perrotta and Aquilani look to be doubtful starters against us. Apparently Perotta could be fit.

And that’s all there is to it for the day. Preview to come tomorrow. Be good.