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Today’s Tosh: Rossi to Parma | Berbatov

It has been a very quiet weekend with nothing really substantial going on in the transfer market. Not that we are really in any sort of hurry. But sometimes we wish for something to happen so that we feel that our club is indeed alive and kicking. Oh well, I guess everyone needs the weekend to relax.

But there has been some news items that I would deem utter tosh. And since there isn’t anything else we present you two of the absurd ones encountered. Amuse yourselves.

Berbatov and United to Negotiate today. Or so the Bulgarian media would wish for, or want us to believe. Looks like Man United is bigger than Spurs even for the Bulgarians. Clearly the writer badly wants Berba to join us. Not that I wouldn’t want it to happen. Not that it is totally impossible. But nothing in the article seems concrete enough to convince me that the transfer is indeed going to happen.

The other one is Rossi to Parma. While this is not completely new as he was linked ever since he returned from loan. I doubt a 7 million pound carrot for a talent like Rossi would be tempting enough for Fergie to offload him. Moreover, he’s clearly said that he wants to cut it at United. Of course, he would definitely love to play in Italy, but for an ambitious kid like him, he might fancy bigger clubs like Juve, Milan and Inter. And after seeing glimpses of him, the club would be foolish to sell him without even giving him a chance.

And that, I’m afraid, is all we have for club related news. A quiet weekend indeed!

Update: There is also this new rumour that’s gaining steam. Smith is being linked to Pompey. Ha! All this after reports that Newcastle won the ‘race’ to sign him. I told you a Newcastle move didn’t make sense.
And the most ridiculous of the lot has to be this: United Blamed for High Prices. This predictably originated from Tribal Football.

The rag of all rags surpasses itself. Again.

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