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Today’s Roundup: Ronaldo’s hair, Smith, Keano, Heinze, Silvestre

Quite a few things to report today. Of course, we’ll spare the Scousers this time! Apparently they don’t take criticism too lightly. I know, certain things can really hurt. So let’s move on to worthwhile things.

The Sun reports, Smith believes he can solve United’s striking problems. This has also made it to the front page of The gist is that Smith feels he is the answer to United’s striker ‘problems’.

We need forwards and I want to have a proper go this season.

You need to grant him this though. He has a heart of steel. In a just world he should be given a loyalty award for his sheer grit and determination. He’s been through hell, the past season or so, and it breaks my heart to say that he should be sold. While I do maintain he should be sold, I feel sad because, while it would be fair to give him a decent run, it might inhibit Rossi’s progress. Saha’s return would obviously mean, Smith would have to give way. And for the sake of his career he must consider moving on this season.

It will surely break his heart and those of a lot of fans though.

The Daily Mail now claims Roy Keane plans a swoop for Kieran Richardson. This player, on the other hand as opposed to Smith, I would sell in half a heartbeat. Someone get him off soon. As an aside, I wonder if Keane really wants him. I’m sure he was one of the players he blasted in that MUTV interview. I guess his options are limited.

The same article also links Silvestre to Bordeaux. Hmm… that’s one player who’s been out of transfer rumours for a while. Selling him in my opinion gives more chances to Pique and Evans. Whatever our table position, next season, I want either of them blooded into the first team in the case of injury to our first choice defensive pair. About Silvestre, the kit launch photo, where he was missing, set a lot of tongues wagging about his ‘imminent’ departure.

Onto other news, there’s some update about Roy Keane’s Pro-licence coursework on the Telegraph This season will be the true indicator of Keane’s managerial qualities. He hasn’t made too many buys yet, but with his significant clout, expect some late shrewd buys.

Some words from the boss, who has challenged the club’s young guns to show what they are made of and to stay hungry in order to pursue more glory.

“The ones who have won their first trophy need to ask themselves – will that be enough? After you have won a trophy, you enjoy it but the next day it leaves you and the hard works begins again. After you have won a trophy, you enjoy it but the next day it leaves you and the hard works begins again. You’re looking for the next one, the next challenge and that is what drives the best players on.”

He’s not lost a bit of his appetite, has he? Little wonder then, that he’s lasted so long.

In other news, Ronaldo and Fergie have reportedly, again, decided to bet on the number of goals Ronaldo will score. Although, this time, they have decided to experiment by not betting petty objects such as money. The loser would have to shave his hair. Although something tells me Ronaldo will have much more to lose here, if he does lose the bet, that is. His hair is his most prized possession. As for Fergie, you don’t mind losing hair when you are 65, do you?

And slightly worrying, coming from none other than Paddy Crerand (and the front page of, is the news that Gaby might leave United. Although it is not an official admission, the club feels it news enough to put it up on the front page, and not allow Heinze to play his Copa America games peacefully.

One hopes though, if he does move, it’s not Liverpool. Seems inconceivable that the Sir would allow that in the first place.

Oh well, I still don’t believe the whole Heinze situation. He’ll return to OT, have a nice little conversation with Fergie. And things will be rosy again.