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Today’s Roundup: Good News from the Boss

All quotes today will be from the boss.

If this can be some sweetener over the seemingly grim reality of Heinze wanting to leave then here it is. SAF has clearly stated that Gabriel Heinze will not move to Liverpool.

“I can assure you, Liverpool will not be getting Gabriel Heinze,” Ferguson said.
“We can put that to bed right now and we have done so. We have had a couple offers for him and we have turned them down.”

Gabriel Heinze

So there are clubs after him as suspected, but wait, there may yet be more good news.

Fergie has also attributed the rumours, of Heinze wanting to leave, to his agent. Apparently he’s been trying to engineer the move for a while:

“Heinze’s agents are rolling the ball all the time,” said Ferguson. “But no matter what his agent thinks, we are in the driving seat. “I don’t exactly know what Gaby thinks because it is all coming from his agent but this has been going on for a year and a half now.”

Of course, we are in the driving seat because there was a deadline by which Heinze ought to have stated his desire to quit. But since that has passed, I guess we at least have the power to say no to the Liverpudlians. Or any of our rivals for that matter. Sir Alex also rules out retirement, for the near future at least. Which is good in a way, although if you’d ask me the best way he could possibly retire now would be with a CL trophy. Not that it would matter to me if he takes a bow even after a trophy-less season. He’s done so much. He could quit any time he wishes, and no one would dare criticise him one bit.

And finally, one piece of some slightly disturbing news. Owen Hargreaves might not play in any of the games in the Asian tour. Which is a bit sad. I hope I am not being too paranoid, but I am not very sure of his fitness. In 2003, he suffered three major injuries that kept him out of most of his campaign for Bayern. And he’s already had a bad season, fitness-wise, last year. I guess there will still be niggles, but I just hope those injuries were plain bad luck and he is not made out of glass.

That’s some position you wouldn’t want your defensive midfielder to be in.

And finally, to wrap-up things, Michael Carrick says that he expects great things to happen, in the near future, for United.