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Today’s News In Recycle Mode

An extremely slow day today. In fact, slow would be Concorde in its glory, ear-splitting, window-shattering days whizzing past another shuddering skyscraper, in comparison to news today. No actually that would be fast, wouldn’t it? Hmmm…

So I will just link you to articles on this snoozefest of a day. Be prepared for a few articles that have already been talked about earlier.

1. SAF hails Anderson as the heir to Scholes. It seems the manager has been reading the comment threads on RR over last few days. So here’s to our midfield dilemma, in the long term at least.

2. This season’s media representative-cum-in-form-midfielder, Michael Carrick talks about his place in the team and his form.

3. Bosingwa linked with us — again. Groan! Although nothing in the article really points to that directly.

4. Some decent talk from Owen Hargreaves, who is ready to bide his time and wait for his turn to play a part in the side.

5. Last but not the least, Neville plays an hour against ‘dipper reserves. He must be disappointed to end up losing, though. Anyone willing to bet on when he’ll be back?

Anyway, I must be off now. Sorry about the short one for today, but the news didn’t warrant a long post anyway.

Till tomorrow.