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To The (20)Legend, The Departed: Part I

Ole Gunnar SolskjaerAccording to reports from Sky Sports, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has decided to call it a day. He ends what has progressively become a far more troublesome knee than expected. Obviously it hasn’t been holding up as well as he thought and probably if he thinks that it is indeed time to quit, then so be it.

(Note: This post was written when news was filtering in from Sky. BBC also brought out reports. Although has remained mum so far. Anyway, even so, take this post as a trip down memory lane for our Ultimate Super Sub. If he does retire for real, then a tribute post will follow. Read on…)

A full tribute post is in order, with this being a curtain raiser (or an appetiser if you may).The encomiums will follow shortly. For the moment, just let these images, chants, clips sink in. We’ll get to the main course in some time.

You are my Solskjaer, my Ole Solskjaer,
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
Oh Alan Shearer, was fucking dearer,
So please don’t take, my Solskjaer away.

To start it off, here’s a pretty well made compilation of Solskjaer. Youtube can make anyone look good, but this clip shows how sublime and composed his finishing has been. It also reminds us of other facets of his game – his ability to run at players, play on the wing, cross and do pretty much everything you expect your striker to do. It is very relevant these days when we have managed an outstanding total of two goals in four matches! Watch the clip. (It’s better if you don’t view it in full screen mode. The clip’s resolution drops.)

An interview at the beginning of this season given to Setanta Sports – presumably following the Reading game. It wasn’t a particularly good interview, as the interviewer tended to get a tad irritating. But observe Ole while answering some of the questions. You could tell how much he loves this club and how much it would break his heart to even talk about leaving the club. Oh well, I must check myself. This post is not meant for my rants. On with the video clip:

The unforgettable image:

Ole Against Bayern Munich 1999