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Tips for picking winning accumulator bets

The rule when it comes to sports betting is usually ‘win small but often’, but there’s not a sports betting fan in the land whom doesn’t dream of landing a multi-selection accumulator and really ramping up their betting bankroll.

Creating a successful ‘acca’ is not nearly as difficult as you might think it is. Here are some top tips for picking winning accumulator bets.

Bet with your head, not with your heart

Most football fans have one team that they follow with fierce loyalty and usually a handful of others that they have a soft spot for. It’s best to avoid your favourite sides when it comes to an acca, as you’ll not be able to see the clear picture. Nobody wants to see the team they support lose, but sometimes, it’s a cast-iron certainty. Avoiding backing your own side to lose, too – you’ll feel too guilty if they do!

Get some tips – in the early stages at least

The best football tipping sites do all the hand work when it comes to building accas and sports wagering in general, saving you the time you’d otherwise spend studying the form guide. Before you start constructing your own accas, have a look at tipping sites, we often turn to football accumulators provided by You’ll learn how best to do it from those who’ve been football betting for years.

Keep an eye out for value

Once you’ve become acclimatised to football betting you’ll start looking at fixture lists and price offers and think ‘that doesn’t sound right’. There’s no reason for a sports book to offer prices that are over-generous but occasionally a match slips the net and the price doesn’t match the likely outcome of a game. Finding ‘value bets’ is a genuine skill in football betting that will give you the best chance of returning a steady profit, and they are great wagers to add to your acca, too.

Avoid ‘big’ odds

There’s the temptation with an acca to throw-in a big priced market – say, Stoke City to beat Manchester City – or something of that ilk. That way, if all your bets come in, you’re guaranteed a big pot of winnings depending upon how much money you have risked.

However, this ‘tactic’ should definitely be avoided. The odds for your acca are going to be decent enough without throwing in a wild-card that’s more than likely going to ruin your entire line. Even if an upset does occur, there’s no guarantee every other bet in your acca will win, so you’re just adding risk for the sake of it.

Stick with home wins

Just under half of all football matches, no matter where they take place in the world, end up as home wins. If you select home wins for your acca, you are immediately giving your acca the best chance of being a winner.

The odds for away wins may seem more attractive, but an away win is the least likely outcome of most games. Avoid draws too as they are notoriously difficult to predict.

The most important rule for an acca is ‘keep it simple, stupid’ – avoid outlandish bets and forecasts, listening to the tipsters and keep an eye out for value. With these tips you’ll give yourself more chance of landing that elusive, high-return winning accumulator.