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Three Questions for Manchester United

This was written several hours before the time indicated against the article so there is a chance that one of my questions could already have been answered by the time you are reading this. So bear with me.

Let’s play a game folks. It’s not a game really, but still, humour me on this one. Not much has happened in the transfer front and many fans have developed an acute illness borne out of furiously refreshing Newsnow, clicking through to headlines that scream out “EXCLUSIVE: Huntelaar signs for United” or “United sign next Pele” or “Kaka declares love for United (after declaring his love for Jesus for the 12567th time)”; the chief perpetrators of such behaviour being sites like Tribal Football, Sportingo, Caught Offside, The Sun and plenty of blogs looking to generate quick cash with misleading headlines. [I may have been guilty from time to time, but then I am really too lazy to be arsed to think of catchy headlines or perhaps, I just don’t have the creative spark in me.]

Moving on… here’s the ‘game’.

I am going to ask three questions to United. I will expand on each question, and then all you have to do is to either agree with my three questions or, if you disagree, post three questions of your own. These three questions can be anything from the current transfer saga to anything that concerns you about United at the moment.

A brief bit of a disclaimer before going ahead, though: I won’t be putting these questions to the folks at Manchester United — be assured. I have no inside knowledge of the people there. It’s just an open letter and anyone can answer to them.

Question 1. What is going to happen to our number two (Assistant Manager) position?

There has been no quotes from Queiroz assuring us that he’s staying at United. There is a growing chorus from the media that he has agreed personal terms. Despite the lack of clear quotes from the man himself it is certainly possible that he will quit United and head over to his homeland. So what names would crop up if that happens will be for us to wait and see. Cantona’s name will be at the forefront in media circles, and although he could be a great motivator, choosing him would be a decision of the heart, not the mind. No one knows his tactical acumen so we can never tell if he’s ideal. Update: As I write this the Mirror claims that McClair is being lined up for Number 2. Whilst he brings in continuity to the club hierarchy, I personally have misgivings on his appointment based on what I’ve heard from different people.

Question 2. Are we getting a striker?

When Fergie said it will be one signing this summer, do we know for sure if it’s a striker he’s talking about? Names like Huntelaar, Berbatov have been bandied about whilst reports circulate that Manucho may have come to Old Trafford carrying an injury. So this ‘mystery single signing’ of ours will not be known for sure until we get an official confirmation.

Question 3. Why have we taken so long to decide on an operation for Ronaldo?

This is my most important question to United. If the club have decided that Ronaldo will not be going anywhere why didn’t they have a meeting with the Portugal doctors earlier? He is still on a holiday and he could find time to meet with the doctors now, so surely, he could have done this immediately after the Euros? What were the doctors waiting on? If the club are firm that Ronaldo isn’t going anywhere and they know that he’s carrying an injury, common sense would dictate an assessment of the injury at the minimum, as soon as possible.

Ok, so these are my three questions to United. Feel free to comment on these questions (see if you can give me satisfactory answers) and add three questions of your own.

Over to you…